eCourse - Digital Download vs Stream Thru Website? Pros and Cons

by colejo
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Hey everyone - my first post here, thanks in advance for the help.

I am finishing up my next online video "eCourse" (photography training product) and am trying to decide if I should continue as before with it being a simple zip file download from e-junkie at checkout OR if I should have the content/course be streamed online, on my website (which would require a login/password type modification).

Most people haven't had a problem with downloading the content, but some, with slower internet have had troubles with the download process so I'd want to alleviate that to create the easiest viewing process possible.

I wonder though, would customers with slower internet still have issues with streaming the content?

How hard / what do I have to do to set my website up with a login/password system for streaming?

Any advice or resources would be greatly appreciated!!

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    If someone has a slow Internet connection, either one might be a problem for them. Personally, I'd stream it as you can show ads around the content each time someone logs in to view it. This also helps prevent others from stealing and/or reselling it by making it a bit harder to do. Just my 2c.
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    I typically do both - the first time I offered streaming only content however, so many people asked to have it as a download that I was pretty much forced to offer download option as well. May want to keep that in mind.

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      Thank you both for the input so far....seems like there are certainly pros and cons to both as I've figured.

      May I ask what I need to research in order to implement a streaming type setup with a login?

      Do I need to make the site a membership site for that?

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    I would suggest that yes, you put together a private site. This can be done easily by setting up your own Wordpress blog and going with a theme or plugin that allows you to protect the content. I use Optimize Press 2 for most of my protected pages that host streaming videos these days, but there are other options for setting up a protected page and content within WP. I would also suggest you stream your content from Amazon S3 - cost is very inexpensive. From there, you simply need to decide on a streaming player which could be FlowPlayer, VooPlayer, EasyVideoPlayer, etc...these typically cost you some dollars unless you want to optimize the video and use an open-source player which can be quite complicated.
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