what are the best IM universities in USA

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I would like to know what are the best USA universities that provides diplomate in internet marketing
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    You don't need to go to college to learn IM.
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      Originally Posted by Ryan3 View Post

      You don't need to go to college to learn IM.
      I know, but I need a diplomate so I can have a chance to work with companies
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        Companies that ask for a diplomate is not the place where you want to be working. You want to work for companies that are focused on results. Even Google just started hiring people that haven't even graduated from high school.
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    This makes me laugh a bit I'm not aware that one can major in internet marketing specifically. You can major in marketing, but I've never heard of an IM major (although I'm sure some schools offer something similar).

    But as Ryan said, you don't need college education to make it in IM. The closest thing would be getting yourself a coach or a mentor. A lot more hands on knowledge and about the same cost as ONE CLASS at a university!

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    Warriorforum University - lots of qualified IM professors who actually makes $ online.

    Sounds right I guess....

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    Yeah man, the notion that you need a diploma for IM is retarded.
    You know what will work? Getting to WORK. Most professors have
    never done a damn thing that they teach, and then you'll also leave
    with a impressive amount of debt. There are so many teachers out there
    already in this field who actually DO what they teach. Find one of them
    and learn (even more importantly DO) then learn from your mistakes
    and keep going.

    A piece of paper isn't going to give you that real world experience man.
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    You would want to learn any business related courses and marketing courses.

    It will have USE in online marketing but eventually you will need experience.
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    If you want to work with companies, create an online portfolio with the work you've done, your skills, experience and so on.

    It's basically like an online resume, this will get you far.
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