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Hey Fourm,

I'm new to the forum as well as IM. I am quickly realizing that selling other peoples products that don't resonate with me is not the way I'm going to go. I need to produce my own product and sell it. I have some skills that I believe people could benefit from that I could distribute either as videos, in written form or both. I guess my question is; What types of platforms do you pros recommend for distributing these. I am proficient at web design and programming so nothing would be out of my scope. But still would like to know what you guys have found works the best. Wordpress with plugins? Which plugins? Custom built site? Paid service provider?

Also I'm definitely leaning towards a per item sales model and not a subscription site.

Thanks in advance!
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    Whether you choose the written word or video to distribute your product will depend upon what the product is. Some products, for instance, technical discussions and tutorials are probably best matched with video. Sometime the written word is better.

    Many product creators provide both and let the customer choose how he/she would prefer to learn.

    Same advice goes for the platform you choose to sell from. It depends on the type of product you're going to present. There are very logical reasons why you should choose a certain platform.

    Be aware also, in numerous threads here in the WF, many people have expressed that they don't like videos - its too difficult to make notes, go back to a certain spot to find something of importance, etc.

    You have lots of choices - let the product dictate how you go in presenting it.


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    There's no best method because when you gain function you lose time and spend more effort.

    Membership sites can be a great way to deliver a product, but if you're conducting an "Agile" launch and want to get it done fast, maybe just a thank you page + some products hosted in the cloud would suffice?

    As always, it depends what you want...

    Me? I'm an "agile" type guy.

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    Thanks for the replies warriors! I will take note.
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