Is The Locking of Threads Fair? Is There A Better Way?

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I was a bit upset when one of my threads was locked. It was an adsense question which I placed in this forum.

The admin locked it stating it was in should be in the adsense and ppc section.

I feel that rather than lock the thread, it should simply have been transferred to the proper forum!

The admin means well and I know they wont do anything deliberately to hurt us. However, there is a better way than locking threads.

Some threads may deserve to be locked but if transferable to another section do so. Many threads have been locked, some good ones.

Lets put heads together and make some suggestions to help the admin.Your suggestions please.

Moderated: Been there, done that, doesn't work. If we keep moving threads members simply keep posting them in the wrong areas. If we lock the thread the offending member is forced to post it in the correct forum if they want more responses, and most tend to choose more carefully the next time they start a thread.

Consider locking a thread as training for those who can't be bothered to post it in the right place of their own volition. You've been a member long enough to know where to post. We could also simply delete threads posted in the wrong areas.

Why was this thread locked? Posting complaints about what the mods do with your threads/posts is against the rules. You might try reading them again. It seems you've forgotten some of them.
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    The solutions seems simple enough. Go to the proper forum and repost your thread there. Or, if you see others locked, go to the appropriate forum and look for it.

    Be thankful your thread wasn't pulled...

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      Why should they have to move the thread for you, when all you have to do is copy and paste it to the proper section. It took way longer to make this thread, when all you had to do was copy and paste your old thread
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    In before lock!

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