Which CMS would you use for this?

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I'm building a site for a hobby.

Right now, there are several very popular and active discussion boards (forums) serving the community - but not really any interaction. The extent of the interaction is that some of the boards have a category where members can post pictures and such.

I want to offer something better. I want these features

free registration so I have a way to contact everyone
discussion forum
personal member areas - something like facebook pages
friend features - again something like facebook or myspace

Obviously, the whole idea is to build a real community rather than just a discussion forum.

So I'm wondering if others have built something similar, what software they have used and what their experience (both good and bad) is with the software.

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    if its a forum theme, then VB is the best option for you , as you have seeen even the best in the business are turnign to it " DP" , "Sitepoint" and now Warrior forum are operating on VB ...

    hope that is helpfull ...
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    Hi Steven,

    I know Joomla is a good CMS system that will do what you want. Right now, I am putting a web 2.0 -social media site together for someone that does what you are wanting if that helps.

    If you want to get an idea shoot me a PM, and I'll send the link to you.

    All the best ...

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