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Hi all I am a total IM newbie. Have been wanting to try out IM for a while but never really got down to it until now. At this point I must add the main reason I am doing this is to earn some income on the side with the possibility of going full time in the future. At this point, I have no idea what to sell yet ( am still figuring it out ). All I know is at this point, I am really keen to give IM a shot and will do anything to make it work.

I am also contemplating signing up for an IM workshop conducted by Derek Gehl.

Have heard and read a lot about him though he is now semi-retired I think.

1) What do you guys think about Derek and his course? Is it helpful?

2) Or do you think I should just save the money, learn on my own and rely on boards like this instead?
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    I'm sorry but I haven't had any of his courses before.

    Anyway, if you're interested to learn, you can PM me your email so I can send you my course (So I cojld also explain it in detail). This is for free by the way so you don't have to worry about a cent.

    But hey, even without my help you're going to learn a TON here in the forum. =)
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    Yes. You must go with number 2 of your own option. That's the best. I did just like that. It took times certainly but it did work. And you'll be satisfied with your own. Good luck!

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    You don't need coaching or courses, just head over to the warrior special offers forum, find a program from a respected IM and follow there instructions.
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    I recommend you to spend your money and become a War Room member. It is
    a COMPLETE must for any newbies because what is inside this section is
    GOLD. It has all the necessary information for you to actually begin your business
    online and this will completely change your understanding due to the fact that the
    knowledge you can access in the War Room is UNLIMITED.
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    Following a course can be a good thing if you're a complete newbie, but you must also understand that nobody will make it happen just for you.

    There are a lot of free resources here on the forum which can help you take the first step in the right direction. Just look at what he's teaching and do some research here on the forum. If you still have a smany doubts as you have now, then follow his course and start taking action.

    Good luck!
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      A personal coach is the option in my opinion. Find an experienced IM in your area and get in touch. Spend maybe 1hour daily with him. He'll direct you on where to click, what to do etc. It may cost but trust me, It'll save you a lot of research. If you cant someone in your area, look for am IM who's willing an hour or half with you daily on skype. Hope this helps.

      Good luck.
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    Hey gpang

    What ever you are going to do you will learn loads. I spent about 3 years buying lots of products and ended up not doing much with them. Then I got a mentor and I am now following a plan. Although still early days for me I feel that this is what is going to work best for me.

    My advice to you is that whatever you do there a few things that you have to keep in mind.

    1. When you start on a path whether it is a course or technique, you must persist for a couple of months at least, because you will probably not see instant results and you need to be prepared for that. People give up after a few days when they don't see thousands of pounds flowing into their accounts in the first few days. You really need to think of this as a business and work on it consistently.

    2. Do lots of reading around the subject and ask lots of questions. People are always willing to help out.

    3. Do not get distracted by products claiming 'push button' profits or claiming to be the next best thing. Stick with the one program you choose. I spent a couple of years and $1000s buying the next best thing and ended up not really doing much with any of them because I got taken in by the copy.

    In summary, look for one proven method/plan (there are loads of ways to make money online) and attack it with vigour, persistence and consistency.

    Good luck buddy.

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    Hi , as Raj Riyat said there are some very skilled copy writers out there and they know just how to get to your fears, your desire to get success quickly - resist! Just understand that everyone wants to sell you something, even if they start out offering a free service - it is all about sales. Nothing wrong with that because some of what is offered is genuinely helpful, but it takes a while before your judgement becomes educated. I think having a website, a personal blog is like a ground zero, you can build on that and branch out - replacing your current income should be your first objective, don't worry about making millions, that can come much later - take it slow and steady, understand where you want to focus, which area, and what style of marketing you find most comfortable -best of luck to you!

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    Hey mate,

    its a bit of an open question but you need to weigh up some things before you start;

    1. Are you going to build a sustainable business? By this I mean you need to invest some time into whatever it is you intent to do to make it happen.

    2. Are you going to be an affiliate (sell other peoples products), A product creator (sell your own products), a service provider....

    3. Whatever it is you do decide you would like to do, focus on just that one thing....don't skip from one product to the next and not implement anything or take any meaningful action. If you do stick with it to the end and the product/method is a good one then you will be well on your way.

    Good luck and stay focused
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    What do you guys think about Derek and his course?
    I've never heard of him.
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    I believe I've come across the name "Derek Gehl" on the internet just once or twice, but I've never had the chance to read stuff about him.

    If I were you, I would not buy anything at this point. I would read as much as I can on great forums like this so I can help myself decide which specific area of internet marketing I like. Once you're decided whether you'd like to be a service provider or a product creator or anything IM-related, that's when you'll decide whether you'll buy something or not.
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      I have never heard of him.

      Biggest thing to do is take action. You will never be 100% ready to start. Use the 80 so rule. 80% Action and 20% reading and learning new things.

      Learn from mistakes and continue to grow.
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    I think it's depends on how your learn things and take information in. I did a coach on here and I'm a complete newbie on this area. I will say the coaching is nice to have some one help you stay clear of the pitfalls. Plus you get in with other trusted people and build relationships, treat it as a business and forget about the quick buck for three months and learn the information.

    I'd say do a coach do your own research and try to have some fun. Here is my last point sometimes it's funnier to learn something than actually making the money. Don't get me wrong money is nice but it is just a part of the whole system.
    I use a guy named Anthony Locca type is name in he rocks.
    Best of luck

    Mike Schlecht

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