How many of you quit your job because of internet marketing?

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I just wanted to know how many of you that actually were able to quit there day job because of your internet marketing business?

That is what i am aiming for, and i think most people here are

So how many have already done that?
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    I never had a day-job, but started IM as a second-year college student in the hope of not needing one by the time I graduated (and luckily managed that). So I gave up my prospect of a day-job, rather than a day-job itself.

    How about you, Edlund?
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      Ah alright so you never had to work in a boring day job working for someone else Good for you

      Well I work as a cab driver right now, and I am sick of it. I am working towards being able to quit, but i am not making enough money online yet, but eventually I will
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      Off the 'Day Job' treadmill coming up on a decade!
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      I lost both of my personal training jobs, failed miserably at starting up my own personal training biz...

      Then came the wonderful world of making money online.

      So it was more of a 'success out of necessity' type of thing
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      I started in college, so never really got to the 9-5 work routine.
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      I quit my day job 2 years ago. It was only when I started making certain amount of money online.
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      I hope to get there someday, just don't want to waste a ton of money.

      I am just starting out and I have absolutely no clue where I am going, but I generally find my way around things! :3
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        It took me way to long to figure this one true nugget out. Find something that makes money online and do it! Once I focused on that it was no sweat to leave off working for the man.

        Chasing after every shiny object is the poor mans way to go.
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      I have not quit my full time job. Yet I earn few hundred dollars of income every month during my free time as a freelancer. I have no plans to quit my full time job. May be I will consider it some day when my part time income exceeds my full time job salary.

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      Yeah I quit the day job years ago... it does take a little time to learn the in's and out's first but when you find something that works you can scale up.
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      Five years ago and counting, lol. Doesn't seem that long but time flies!


      Remember there is no need to clog up the thread with thanks posts, just hit "Thanks" instead.

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    I use to be a freelance programmer. Quit doing that just under 2 years ago and make more now then I ever did then.
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    Internet marketing is a freedom space, some can and some others can't.. while the last do the contrary thing in what you have say above, they go to any restaurant or any other place to find a real job I am still dedicated to internet marketing
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