A simple formula for increasing sales by 33%

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I am reading one of Jay Abraham's books, "Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You've Got", and was reminded that we tend to forget the basic and simple things that normally are very effective.

I have used this formula in the past in planning strategies but as one tend to do, I move to newer and "better" ideas.

The formula is simple, it's application not always.

Let's say you have:

100 customers a year
$100 average per sale
2 sales per customer average

That gives you $20,000 in sales. Right?

Now, to increase each of these components by only 10% to

110 customers per year
$110 per sale
2.2 sales per customer

shouldn't be too difficult, should it?

This 10% across the board increase increases your sales by 33.3% to $26,620.

How can you increase each of these areas in your business?

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