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Hello WarriorForums users,

I'm a bit confused over Google pagerank science...

Is Google Pagerank different from Longtailpro Keyword Competitiveness?

After reading an article on Cloudincome, I found out how valuable longtailpro KC is in term of finding those gold niches which are easy to rank for with high monthly search. From what I read, it's quite mind blowing. I always thought finding a golden niche is super hard but with help of keyword competitiveness which LTP gives you, it seriously cuts down good amount of labor.

What it basically does from what I understand is that for a single keyword, it puts a KC number for each of the domain shown by Google. The lower the KC, the lower the competition to rank your niche website. It determines the number by taking into consideration of the domain's age, backlinks, quality of backlinks, etc.

Just like most guru recommended SEO software, the tool isn't free [trial for 10 exist tho] and expensive for starters like me who haven't made a quarter of a dime online. Does Google Pagerank does the same? Are they both the numbers similar? Which is more reliable? More up to date?

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