Trusting seller in the reciprocal links place?

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Hi warriors,

So someone in the reciprocal links have access to a site I want to buy an article on, and it costs $800. The site isn't relevant for my question though.

He asked for a deposit/prepayment of $300 and the rest of the $500 upon the article being posted. However, his join date says 2014 and only has 20 or so posts to his name.

So to be safe, I offered payment on these terms:

1. Escrow - I will pay for all fees
2. Or elance/freelancer or odesk

He countered with paypal. However I know paypal does not protect the buyer in terms of "digital goods" (i've been burned before where I lost a claim because the item was a digital good).

I think my terms were good since it offers both buyer and seller protection whereas, if I gave him $300 and he disappeared then I would be screwed. Essentially he wants me to take all the risk.

Should I just go ahead with this or should I trust my instincts and stay away from someone if they refuse to do something like this?
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    I think you should trust your instinct on this one and NOT do it.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    lol, do not trust one who has no reputation. Maybe at 5$ but never at 300, 500 800
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      Your suggestions of escrow or elance/odesk were reasonable. Don't give it another thought - run away. Since a seller gets paid the full amount using these services, it sounds like he realizes he can't scam you as easily if you pay be escrow.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi Wallace1,

    I joined this forum today as refereed by friend with intention of selling some Good Quality Links. I contacted few people here for selling Links and they agreed to buy from me. But many of them are not ready to pay advance payment and even I am not ready to work without pre payment. Just landed on your topic and realized that there are many people here scamming others due to which genuine people do not get business here.

    Services like Escrow should be used when purchasing digital goods. I take money through escrow even for $50. If you allow, I can show you some websites for consideration. Also, I am ready to work through Escrow.
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    It doesn't seem like he's a veteran member of the forum, so maybe not to be trusted. You seem to have thought this out, and already really know which direction to go.

    As for what you are buying, are you sure it's worth $800 for one backlink? Is it really that important?
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    I've been frequenting that section.
    And I think that I know the domain you are talking about.
    Go with escrow or payment on delivery.
    If it is a legit seller, he should have no problems with it.
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