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by JWT
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Hi all,

I have the Google Sniper system by WF George Brown which is most excellent. I have a question about competing sites for keywords if other warriors could help me out with if they use the methods.......In the blueprint George recommends keywords that have no more than 7,000 competing sites for a keyword and to watch out for authority sites, forums etc. My question is how would a sniper site fare against article directories, namely Ezinearticles, Buzzle etc. Quite a few good and very usable keywords that I have found have no real competition with other sites but have quite a collection of articles from directories on page 1 of big G.

Will these articles prevent my sniper site from getting on page one or not because the articles themselves have no page rank?

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

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    I have found that there is no problem competing with article directories.

    In fact, here is a hint... if you find an article from Ezine that is on the 1st page of Google, leave a comment with your keyword for your GS site for added juice.

    May your day be filled with abundance.
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    You should check out this guys website/blog.

    He has been doing the Google Sniper method for about 3 months and is doing great. He chronicles all his progress including how much money/sales he's bringing in. Its at: Mike Iser .com - Mikeman's Journey To A Full-Time Income Online!
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      Thanks for your advice guys, I'll carry on regardless with articles in my way. Something else I also wanted to ask about is Wordpress. It's the first time I've used WP to build sites and my initial thoughts were something along 'what a fiddly little ******* you are'! I'm gradually beginning to warm to it now but am having trouble with something that needs to be done. This is about how to add my own page links and text paragraphs to the right sidebar cause I don't know how to do it. Also when I select a new theme to use I still have the admin options and meta tags on the right sidebar which I obviously don't want on there cause they're clickable.

      I am also curious to know whether good rankings can be achieved using xsitepro (which I used till now) with site design and using similar methods that George gives.

      TIA for help given guys.

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    John, go into your Wordpress admin control panel and click on Appearance->Widgets. This is where you can add or subtract anything you want from the sidebar, including your own text and links.
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  • Hey man!

    Glad you enjoyed Google Sniper, wish you the best of luck with your sniping...

    On Xsite pro and wordpress, I personally love Xsitepro too and your sites will still rank pretty well with it. However, as much as I like xsitepro, then benefits of using wordpress cannot be ignored and although it's a bit of pain in the butt using it at first, it will do wonders for your SEO rankings.

    Just while I'm here and I'm guessing there's a few snipers checking out the thread, I was thinking about putting together a membership site for it... Does anyone think that'd be cool?

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      Hi George and Linda,

      Thanks for joining the thread and good to meet you. Yes, I will give a big yes for a membership site for GS.

      Thanks very much Linda for your words about adding text. I tried this afterwards and have gotta say that up to now I'm not a huge fan of WP. It seems very awkward to use, with a lot of two'ing and fro'ing and generally moving things about.

      George, when you say that Xsitepro will not be as efficient for rankings, will it effect it that much to not get on first page of Google if using GS style SEO with some high PR backlinks? I really don't fancy the idea of pissing around with WP each time starting a new site when I can just create and save a similar template with XS and just upload that each time.

      Thanks guys for your help.

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        George, I'd be interested in a GS membership. Doing very good with it now.

        The key to GS is keep it simple and do exactly like George says. I tried to get fancy with my first few and changed them after I realized that the sites I made "by the book" were outperforming the GS sites I made with my added unnecessary twists.

        Let me know George if you start a GS forum or membership site, i'm in.

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    Hey George,

    Me too. Would be keen on a forum/membership site.


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      Hey guys...

      Ya that was my site Bruce mentioned above, I pretty much chronicled all the sniper sites I've created since reading George's book, right now I believe I'm at around 70 or so in total.

      JWT, any article sites or Web 2.0 sites on page 1 are generally a good sign...

      As far as how to tell if you can rank on page 1, you will learn this with experience, don't be afraid to just jump in with a site for this keyword you're looking at and see where it lands. Best case scenario, you rank, worst case, you're out $10 and you've come out with some experience.

      What I've found though is that you can rank on page #1 for keywords that have up to even 50-60k competition in quotes, it all depends on the quality of competition on page 1 for the niche you're after. Most of my sites are targeting keywords that aren't 7k or under though, but rather 15-30k comp in quotes.

      And George, I think a lot of people were wondering why there wasn't a forum long before :> It's a good idea...


      Follow along day to day as I log my progress to a full-time online income:

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