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Hey Warriors, I am wanting to try a new Squeeze/Sale and Funnel page builder.

Right now I have OptimizePress 1.0 and Funnelkit(which I love) I do not plan on upgrading to OptimizePress 2.0 as a marketing friend of mine has it and I got to play around with it while he was at my house for a visit and I just do not like it.

Anyways, I have been looking into Profits Theme and Instabuilder and would like some feedback from warriors who have used these products.

I know that Instabuilder is mobile responsive, but do not think Profits Theme is(I could be wrong).

So if any of you have any experience with these products, could you please let me know which one you prefer.

Thanks in advance!
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    I got instabuilder when it first came out and i still use it today. That's something that rarely happens with a product that cost only about $37.

    It takes a bit getting used to but it's a great plugin which i highly recommend.
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    Two products which people are having great results with is of course Lead Pages (which is a monthly membership) and Optin links plugin (which I think works on html sites too). They both have the two stage optin which really boosts conversions. The latter one has the benefit of a one time fee.
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    Hey Michael,

    I currently use Instabuilder and I must say that it was definitely worth the buy!

    I have used OptimizePress in the past with great results, but InstaBuilder is what I currently use. I have no first hand experience with Profits Theme because Instabuilder is easy enough for me.

    It's only a one time fee of $47, and yes it is mobile responsive which is a great feature to allow you to expand your marketing for your business.

    Hope this helps!

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      I have been using profits theme and Flex squeeze over the last 12 months. both are awesome, I have never used instabuilder so can't speak much on that but heard good things.
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    Thank you all very much for your feedback!
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    If it is of any help, I have both.

    Although Profits Theme has a membership site function, I tend to use another plug-in (Fastmember) for that if I am using WP or Easy Member Pro if I don't fancy using WP.

    These days I rarely use Profits theme but I use Instabuilder a lot. One main reason is because it is a plug-in rather than a theme. So you can make landing pages regardless of what theme you are running.

    Also, it has loads of neat features (pop-up content/videos, advanced styling, viral social lockers, graphics etc) that you can use in your regular pages and posts too.
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    Thank you so very much Barry!!! I have a membership site plugin called Membersonic that will allow me to create membership sites...

    So I think I will go with Instabuilder... Thank you very much for your review Barry!
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