where can i find good joint venture training

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I like the idea of leverage and free traffic to my sales funnel. I dont have an ad budget but as i get some people in my membership site i will get into paid traffic with that money. Im not in the IM/MMO niche and would just like some solid training on recruiting joint ventures/relationships. Anyone you recommend to learn this subject from?
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    There are lots of good ideas right here on the forum.

    No doubt there are WSOs on the subject - but be careful regarding who you listen to - there are professionals and wannabes alike there.

    You might start by using the search function and finding threads on the subject - there will be tips and suggestions there.

    Also, the War Room has some threads and ideas on joint ventures.

    You might also try the Joint Venture forum as you're bound to learn there if you are observant and watch what is going on.


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    Do a search in google for "Warrior Forum Joint Ventures" and see what comes up. There are MANY threads on here about it, so I'm sure you can find a lot of great info for free. Make sure to use the quotation marks though so Google searches through only the Warrior Forum.
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    Jay Abraham is one of the only people you should listen to on the subject,

    Read "from mediocrity to millions"

    he shows you how he has created over 2.5 Billion in revenue setting up JV deals...
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    I think the best way to learn is just go and do it yourself.

    Create a working sales funnel, then use free traffic methods to generate traffic.

    Test your funnel and improve it all the time.
    A/B testing it to the limit until you create profit.
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    valid points but I have done all the searching on WF and wherever just haven't found anything good on the subject. i will check out jay abraham
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    Hey Coolstro, I've read a lot of stuff about JVs and it all boils down to one thing... and that is - relationships.

    So in order for someone to JV with you then you need to give them something 1st. Here are some ideas that always work:

    1. Do guest blogging - once someone allows you to guest post on their blog, they already trust you and it will be easy to build a relationship with them, then later ask them to do a JV deal.
    2. List Post on your blog - this could be "top 50 website all musicians should know about...." or something like that. After creating that list post you contact all the featured website owners to let them know you featured them and build relationships with most of them 1st before asking them to JV with you.

    List post are really powerful, some of the featured website owners will promote your product without you asking them to do it, without even using affiliate links. But to encourage them to send you more sales then get them to JV with you.

    You can also ask some bloggers to guest post on your blog as well. Interviews are another great way to find JVs.

    Hope that helps my friend
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    I second recommend mediocrity to millions. Phenomenal book. Though, to me your question should be, "where do I find super affiliates for my non IM related product and how do I entice affiliates to sell my product?" The latter is a shortcut to get directly to your end goal.


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