How should I monetize this site?

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I have problems monetizing this site.

It gets traffic, bulk of it from google, but somehow it dosen't convert as good as I want.

Do you got any ideas?

Thank you.
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    Just my opinion: this niche is not the best choise for monetization
    All visitors coming to your web--> just for fun
    If people coming just for fun---> then how it is related to- let's say flippa (website/project sales)?
    Answer the question: Who is your audience and what can you offer for them? Is it a man woman, how old average is your visitor?- Does it have money? What country visitor coming from?

    In my eyes- there are too much ads- Amazon affiliate+ adsense+ flippa?- I would try ad rotator plugin or test one by one monetization options.
    Why visitor should scroll down in post? Just to see your amazon ads?- no way!
    There are no really valuable information- so visitor should not stay long in one page (I guess)
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    Quote sites can be quite hot. However I agree with moneyroad about deciding who your customer is that visits your site. Build a profile of your perfect customer for that site and then aim the content and the ads (which to me right now seems disconnected) towards that profile. Knowing who your customer is will let you market less generically and more specifically for the customer profile you have created and have in mind. Who are you trying to sell to should be what you need to decide in my opinion. I would also try and create more interactivity on the site and engagement. Even just a social comment box would help.
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    The best way to monetize it is ask people on WarriorForum about it. Then they'll see the ad to the right that it's currently for sale on Flippa and place a bid. Monetized!
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    What about product placements in the backgrounds of your quotes?
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    Think of what type of users are you targeting.
    Students? Business?

    what are the quotes about?
    Also why would people want quotes on images?

    You can use pinterest to get traffic with these kinds of "image" heaver websites.
    And to monetize, I would say adverts
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    Many people comes to those kind of sites just for fun and share those quotes in social media. And quite hard to know what type of customer visited your sites because people who visit your sites is too general, people maybe come in any age, any gender, any occupation just to let their stress out.

    But, you can monetize your website like viralnova (trending stories of the web) do. Viralnova quite popular, most visitor also come to viralnova as well as yours just for fun. These sites monetized by using ads but get traffic most from facebook, twitter. You can track your visitor through their profile on social media. So you can know what kind of ads should you offer to your visitor.
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    And Also i've seen many of my friends share of these kind of quotes or quotes on picture through PATH social media
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