What do YOU want help with?

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I've been on WF for quite a while now and was thinking of doing a WSO again. But I don't want to just throw any old thing out there. What I'm curious is: for those new to IM, what would YOU like help with? Niche research? Writing? Video? SEO? Tools like Magic Submitter?


Would you like one on one coaching (I've worked with some of the best in the biz, from Mike Long to Kelly Felix (in both cases it was teaching Magic Submitter, and I could barely breathe for customers)? A video course? PDF? Combination

Let me know! I realized it's high time I help out again and while I can't do so for free, I know what it's like to be completely overwhelmed (and waste a ton of money on "the shiny"....just ask my wife!)

Thanks guys. Once I've got a bit of a consensus, I'll put a WSO up. It will NOT be some loophole either, or airy promises of millions by Tuesday.

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