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What is up with adsense?

I have about 30 web sites that have adsense ads the income is a very low less than $90.00 per month. Not much traffic and low CTR and most of the ads only pay about .10 cents.

Couple of days ago I get an email from Google saying ALL my sites have been disabled. what?

I do not have adult sites and I do not click my sites, I do not do anything Black Hat.

I appealed but I was denied without explanation , I don't get it those site although they get some traffic they have very low CTR.

How do you get any answers out of Google I mean my site is peanuts why would they do that ?

Is there an alternative to adsense >

Help anyone?
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    You have just been slapped by Google, welcome to the club! (membership is in the millions I recon).
    This unfortunately happens all the time. They make the rules and they apply them how they want to.

    As to an alternative, try and switch to affiliate products. Or even better, if it is a good niche try and build a list. Even if you make one sale per month from each website @ $20, you will be making more than google's meagre clicks.
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      Thanks for your input

      It looks like they won't change their mind.

      Have you or anyone ever tried the speedyads.com ads?
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        Do yourself a big favor and forget about Google. Even if you get your answer from them you will still be at their mercy down the road every time they change their algorithm. If you have been doing IM for a while....and I think you have with 30 sites, you should be building a list cause you know what they say.... The money is in the list. Surely one or more of your sites could be developed into a following with an opt in form and continuous drip of quality content. Good luck
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    There is no alternative to adsense.

    Unfortunately, they are the only good ad network out there.

    It has always been said not to put all your eggs in one basket.

    Perhaps it's time to start exploring fresh and new opportunities.
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    Think outside the box. Forget Google, you don't need them!
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