My Free Information, Will it Stop Me Selling?

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I have a blog that's based on one of my many talents.. dog training.

A light bulb came into my mind when I was writing an article for ezine articles that the article was just far too much information to submit to an article directory and the more I could write like that, the bigger my product would get.

My biggest worry is that I still want to keep filling my blog, but that's not going to make me enough money.

The blog is all tutorials and training related information, basically it's getting more and more informative as each blog post goes by.

I want it to be as informative as possible but I also want to make a product for it.

Maybe a mentor would be required for this one, like someone who has done this business model before?
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    I don't know am I correct or not? When I read your problem instantly I got an idea like this; It doesn't matter with the product, people definitely will buy it because they'll feel that "Wow! How much informative blog posts, if it so, his product should be excellent"

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    Intrepreneur...I currently have a blog with 64 articles that each cover AT LEAST 2 to 3 FULL pages..and still I sell lots of stuff..does that answer your question? ;-)

    You see, the more you tell..the more you sell..people only get pulled into your world for free info, a.k.a. "freeline content" and just like warpri said: they will start thinking "if these little nuggets of gold are free, then I can't even imagine what he has to say in his PAID stuff! Let's buy"

    That's how it fact..most businesses NEED to give away freeline content, and must do,,such as with using a free ebook as a "lead generator" for your opt in page to catch subscribers for an emailing list.
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    Yep as said above, it will sell... just make sure that either 1) the paid content goes much beyond the free content, or much deeper into the subject than the free content does, OR 2) make it crystal clear from the beginning that the paid content is a complete compilation of the free content that you can print out, etc. (yeah even that will still sell, though maybe not as much).

    - Harry Behrens

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      Excellent guys.

      Now what would the tips be to sell effetively from my blog?

      Having a backend salespage with a button at the bottom of each post?

      I haven't other ideas lol, but I would love to hear.

      Also if anyone wants to step forward and offer me a personal one2one service to help me with this, I'm all ears.



      Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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    Intrepreneur, another way to look at it is this... if there were only a finite amount of information about your niche, then you might have a problem.

    But information can be rewritten, rehashed, redefined, rediscussed, repositioned, etc... in almost infinite ways.

    I've heard the same free content repurposed and restated as premium content. Albeit, there may be more detail on some aspect or another, but just be creative and keep cranking content.
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