Autoresponder dummies Q, why would I bother?

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This one has bothered me for ages and now Im about to engage an outsourcing company they are also on my case about it. I have 3 new books ready to sell, and another one on the Lee Enfield rifle has already been running well since 2011 (1-3 per day). It seems to me the aim or purpose of autoresponders is for subsequent sales to customers who have already bought a primary item such as a book.

The hiccup is that as a writer my forte is not in becoming the repeat writer on a single topic, Im a good investigative person who makes a book on new topics, so, the current four books categories are vintage firearms, travel guide, childrens book, healthy living, ie I dont see any cross over interest.

If I create a list of the Lee Enfield rifle buyers, (2-3,000 now) I feel I have nothing relevant to sell them next, and as Im pretty much not a lifestyle gun owner I have no enthusiasm to purposely go find another gun type to write about, the Lee Enfield topic was a specific gap in the market that wasn't being serviced, and in that niche collectors area Im well regarded world wide now.

Im wondering if anyone else knows this situation and what best judgement is about engaging a pay autoresponder service such as Aweber, who in the past have taken my money every month and for which I have no second product to sell to the list, so its been an cash outflow only.

Maybe once Ive created eg a list on Bali travel I then go find other trvel ebooks on clickbank and try push those, even though Im not the author. Wont that look like spamming my list?

For what its worth I have found the specific niche in which I will become an established known author, and in 6-12 months I may have good structure to use an autoresponder, but as the outsource company is a bit of a cash out lay now at first I dont want to create cash draining structures I may not use well for the existing different books.

Your thoughts and comments much appreciated;
Is it worth building lists even though tho I dont foresee secondary products now, in the hope/aspiration that ideas for other saleable items will come later.

If I could stand the strain of $20 month for a list I dont use I would but careing for end of life parents means a $20 expense takes out food or other necessities, so I have to be very mindful of what I do at this time.

As someone aleady pointed out, free auto responders are a bit problematical but the killer part of them is that one cant transfer a list to a paid service, and if one trys you lose most if not all of the contacts.

Many thanks BR
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    You definitely don't need it if you don't have any additional products to sell to the market within an acceptable time from, within a couple of months to be sure. The list really goes cold after that unless you are in a really engaging niche or the like. In your case, I would definitely stay away from list building and autoresponders, they can surely be cash draining.
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    Autoresponder would be more useful at the front end.

    You say 1-3 sales a day? From how many visits?

    An autoresponder series that offers a drip feed of your info/sales message
    so that you can engage with your potential customers would/may be likely to
    increase the number of sales you make.

    So you see...the purpose of the autoresponder in not just to do follow ups and re-sells upsells etc
    it is to get the sale n the first place.


    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Originally Posted by Blade Runner 77 View Post

    It seems to me the aim or purpose of autoresponders is for subsequent sales to customers who have already bought a primary item such as a book.
    That may be one purpose but (for me) that is not the primary purpose
    of an autoresponder SERIES. You can use the series to sell one item
    so you have 7-10 messages about buying that one item. What some
    marketers call an autoresponder series is what I call a newsletter.
    A "series" suggests that each letter has a common aim/theme etc.

    -Ray Edwards
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    one on the Lee Enfield rifle has already been running well since 2011 (1-3 per day).
    How are you making your sales? Offering something free to people who don't buy might increase your conversions in the long run.
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    HPGoodboy beat me to the punch, but I was going to suggest amazon affiliate links, assuming you are not in NC or other stupid states.

    You can always find related items there. I think Walmart and other retailers have affiliate programs as well.

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    Thank you folks, that was all very interesting and wakes me up to new ways to think about this game, much appreciated.
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