Is Distribly Still Alive? Legitimate?

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I stumbled across Distribly's site recently and their features look perfect for what I want. I have thousands of soundFX, program/VST presets, and sound packs I would like to sell, and a nice number of affiliates waiting to help me sell them.

Distribly only takes 10% commission on each sale, that's it. Allows you to set affiliate commissions up to 70%. But... are they still active? Their last update on their official Facebook page was over 2 years ago... That's not a good sign.

Does anyone here currently use their platform? Anyone used them in the past? Are they still active?

If they are not what platform should I use? I want to be able to utilize/create an affiliate network. I would prefer if the site had a referral system. No minimum file size limits. Some of my files for sale are only a few kilobytes, but they are very valuable and unique.

Thank you for your help.
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    Yes Distribly is still going strong!

    We backed off on our social media presence as we felt it was better to concentrate on delivering the best quality service to our customers, it might be time to rethink that approach, as you point out, not a good look!

    To address your comments:
    • We already work with vendors of products similar to yours and our affiliate system is simple and easy for you and your partners to work with
    • The fee structure is just how it looks: only 10% (reducing with volume)
    • You can create an affiliate network on Distribly and we have a referral system
    • We don't have minimum file size limits and the upper limits can be extended on request for large files

    Feel free to contact us through our support inbox if you have any questions, we're happy to help. The Distribly help section also contains loads of information on everything about our service.

    The Distribly Team
    Distribly allows you to buy, sell and promote digital content with ease.

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      Just created my account. I shall be experimenting with your service for the next 2-3 months before the launch of my projects. I am excited to see how using your service can help me.

      If I am successful, I would love to return the favor.
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  • Thought I'd try your service and upload a demo file (which apparently was too large, and thus we got the results below.

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    Looks like all the work done to insert descriptions, images etc is lost when this error happens, and we would have to start all over again.

    You might want to look into that, and fix it (autosave perhaps) so that a user can retrieve their work and not have to start again when your system does not accept a file.

    You have a very small 2MB upload limit for demo files,
    and also, a maximum file size of: 124 MB for a product upload limit.
    These are both not very useful for marketers who sell video courses, sound fx, music, sound packs, etc.

    I do understand that vendors may be able to increase their limits by contacting you,
    however, I can not recommended this service for selling sound fx or multimedia as it is today.
    Arnold Stolting - Stolting Media Group
    "I LOVE The Song! The Vibe Is Positive And Firm!" - Kymani Marley. (Son of Bob Marley)
    "Keep Up The Good Work!" Tony Lindsay - Lead Vocalist, Carlos Santana.

    "Very High Quality!" Jeremy Harding - Manager / Producer. Sean Paul.
    "They Are FANTASTIC!" - Willie Crawford.

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      Thanks for trying out Distribly Arnold, sorry you didn't get what you expected. Just so you understand where we're coming from:

      Our service isn't focused on video, however we can accommodate it through extending our limits by request, as you mentioned. Initially we set ourselves up primarily as a marketplace for written content, including PLR as well as subscriptions and services. We kept it simple so we could deliver something that appeared bare bones but was incredibly powerful.

      For that reason we kept our default file limits to the levels they are and found that as we attracted sellers of all types of different goods, those limits were still plenty for most; and those who require more, simply need to ask. These sellers include vendors of sound fx, sample music, audio books and other rich media (of course WAV files and other uncompressed or lossless formats can have huge file sizes, and we happily raise our limits to accommodate these), so we feel we meet the needs of these customers.

      Another issue was that buyers weren't keen on downloading massive files, they can have shoddy internet connections and other special circumstances, so we need to make sure files are deliverable. Happy buyers = more sales.

      We like to work together with large file sellers and build strong relationships to make sure we are adding value to their product with our service, and that they also represent the best value for the end user with their product. We understand that you have different requirements due to the nature of your products, however we just wanted to let you know that we thought carefully about the setup of Distribly and would very much like to work with you to get your demo up so you can give our service a go.

      The Distribly Team

      Regarding the bug you discovered: We're having trouble reproducing your error, if you'd like to give us more information about what you were trying to upload and the system you were using we'll investigate and fix. Feel free to use our contact link to get in touch and we'll get straight on it.
      Distribly allows you to buy, sell and promote digital content with ease.

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