Which model would convince you ?

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I am preparing a course on self help. It is a course of 20 weeks that has to be followed in order to overcome certain feeling.
I read a lot on these forums and self help and health programs should do well, as everybody wants to feel better. People that are concerned would be easy to convince to take the program.

Now in order to get them on the train I have different "models" in mind.

Which one would you consider ?

I will create different squeeze pages and let the variations run and the numbers speak. My ambition is to convert in the middle of the funnel.

1. Enter email and get a free report : classic one.. where subscriber is "auto enrolled" in the first courses ; PRO : higher conversion - CON : freebie style.

2. 2 week free trial without cc = in this two weeks , they get the first courses + are encouraged to take the subscription at discount

3. 1st month at $1 afterwards full price : PRO : Creditcard is collected, if they don't stop subscription starts. Only 1 sale action to do

4. Download free report and than OTO with subscription model : however there they haven't seen the first lessons and can't judge if this is for them. previews of the videos and lessons could help.

Thank you for your comments !
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    Not speaking from a profitably perspective, but purely from a consumer perspective, I'd personally go with 1 or 2.

    Unless you had an incredibly compelling and professional website, it'd be very difficult to lure me with a $1 offer with full price later. I have a personal reluctance to any monthly charge/billing.

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      Originally Posted by IMMer1975 View Post

      Not speaking from a profitably perspective, but purely from a consumer perspective, I'd personally go with 1 or 2.

      Unless you had an incredibly compelling and professional website, it'd be very difficult to lure me with a $1 offer with full price later. I have a personal reluctance to any monthly charge/billing.
      thank you for feedback.

      I could also add "Full Refund if you don't succeed in reaching the goal"

      Monthly charge : this is to convince people that they quit when they want and have reached the goal. If they have to buy the full course at let's say 1000 usd and only used 20 % of the tips included, they would feel ripped off.

      If they are ready after 3 months they would only have spent 20 % of the amount. so it is pay as you use. however no refund there when they don't succeed.

      thx again for comment. appreciated !
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    I would feel the second option would give you the best conversions. However, you should a small change to the model and still collect people's email address so you can market to them after the trial and didn't join. It might bring you a few more sales if you post a weekly newsletter, for instance with results from people that did join.

    Good luck!
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    I face the same problem. I'm on the final stage of the development of a server based script and now thinking on a sales model. What I have learned before many recommend using #3 with variation of a trial period: one month or one week.. or whatever. They say that this model is a better convertible one.

    Pros: (a) you collect a highly motivated subscribers ready to pay money; (b) you already have user' c information so no further steps are needed.

    Cons: (a) user can actually forget what he was subscribing to at $1 and will be surprised (disappointed) to get charged for a bigger sum of money and this causes (b) possible disputes, chargebacks and refunds.

    Despite the cons, this model is recommended, since it contains a balance of interest for sellers and buyers.
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    thanks again.
    ok so in fact the most clean and ethic mode would be (combining the responses)

    " Charge $1 first month. On day 27 send mail : your trial period of $1 is ending soon. If you are convinced to overcome your problem and the first lessons already helped, please know that within 3 days your creditcard will be charged for xx $.

    If however you are not satisfied click here to cancel your subscription (cancel button paypal) "

    On day 31 : welcome as full paying member. so they know it's getting serious now.


    Anyway, I will create and run both variations and funnels. will let you know the results.

    @redbird1 : also good luck with your project !
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    Let me know how this goes. I don't like monthly subscriptions, either.
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    @Happycomputer : will certainly do. the goal of the program is that the subscriber gets weekly content so he can take each step week after week in order to do self development/help. giving the content in 1 piece , which could be considered would be too much information at once to my opinion.

    will have to make my mind up.. 18 days already thinking .. I will have to ACT which I will do now
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    My vote is for model 3, from a sales perspective + user perspective.

    As a user : If the course sells for $300 and I can test drive it first and then "pay by instalment" (lower monthly payment) I would go for it. The $1 I have to pay shows me that there is at least some value that you as seller attach to the product.

    As a seller : The $1 will give you a list of BUYERS and not just tyre kickers. You will know that they have paypal and a willingness to use it. Best kind of list to have (if you look after it)
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    thank you Origin. love the word "tyre kickers"
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      I would pick the 2nd option and be sure to give incredible value so that it would want the person to continue on.
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    We really got through 11 posts, here, without anyone mentioning that you can know which of these works best in your business only by testing?! Everyone decided it went without saying.

    Personally, I would probably start by split-testing options (1) and (3) above; not (2) and (4). Without writing a 1,000-word post about it, I see the various potential "pros" and "cons" a little differently from you. My aim would be to try to learn as much as possible, rather than to "pick the winner" right out of the gate. I may, of course, be wrong.

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    IM is like finding the best Gin and Tonic recipe.. testing and testing and testing.. but meanwhile enjoying.
    working at all options..
    thx Alexa
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    Those are all things you'll want to test out on your own..

    Let the numbers do the talking not a bunch of random people in a forum...

    Test out all those things and see which puts more profits into your pocket....

    Also focus on the copy... Rock solid copy will help you get more sales, it's not just how you price it, although that does have an impact...
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    1 week trial sound reasonable
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    If you feel your product has tons of value and you have vast experience in this area, then let the price reflect this.

    ...the common mistake people fall into is undervaluing their products. Would you rather have a list of people who joined for a dollar just to see what you got or other people paying $297 who genuinely need your help and will continue to buy from you as they see the value

    these questions you got to ask yourself
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