Need Some Advice from Online Marketers! Please Help!

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Hi Everyone,

I am somewhat of a newbie to online marketing. I'm single mom trying to supplement my income, hopefully making this into a full-time gig someday. I have been trying to market my business for over 2 months (Social Media, Classifieds, YouTube, Blogs, you name it)! I have been getting a large amount of leads, but none of them have converted. Can anyone please share some successful methods with newbies, like myself, on ways to get leads to convert? Thanks in advance!
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    What product or service are you offering?

    Who is your target market?

    What is your price point?

    What marketing tools do you have?

    What kind of a funnel are you using now?
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    You may want to look into Marketing Automation to do drip campaigns to these leads so they can continue to receive communications from you and hopefully convert over time.

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    What's your business? A service you provide? Or do you sell something?

    Lacking any further info, I'd venture to guess that you need two things to get sales:

    1) a very compelling sales page
    2) a product that solves something (how is your business helping the potential customer?)
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      DO you like doing a blogging?

      you can buy a very cheap domain name at and open a blog and write about your interesting topic, once your blog get quite a number of people daily, you can earn money by posting some ads from adsense. adsense give you some amount of money if someone clicks on your ads in your website.
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    As long as your landing page is congruent with the message you are trying to get across then its a case of building the relationship and adding value to the list

    depending on what your business model is , build up the trust by giving away free info or products this will help a long way. the more you give , the more you get in return .

    also hold a webinar with your list and speak with them directly then offer a product or service at the end
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    If you are getting leads but no sales the first things I would look at are...

    1. Are you attracting the right audience from your marketing efforts?
    2. Are you presenting them with the right offer?

    the basics of marketing are putting the right offer in front of the right audience, that's really it...

    It could be that you are not following up with your leads properly also...

    I wouldn't just up and switch strategies when you are most likely just a few small tweaks away from creating some major success in your life...
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    Are your leads desperately in need of the solution you're providing?

    Do they trust you to buy from you?

    Are you consistently trying to force them to give you their hard-earned money or are you giving them genuine and useful information, while at the same time, leaving them wanting to know more?
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    Originally Posted by striving4success2014 View Post

    Can anyone please share some successful methods with newbies, like myself, on ways to get leads to convert?

    I can offer you two posts, and three little threads to read, which - between them - explain "what converts traffic and why people buy". (Ignore the fact that they might address specific examples of things/sources you're not dealing with: that doesn't matter - I'm showing them to you for the "general principles" they explain ).

    Two posts:

    And three threads:
    1. Is it a good idea to spend some time on building a mailing list ?
    2. Without Building a List, How Consistent is Your Income from Affiliate Marketing
    3. Does anyone even make money online without an email list?

    And good luck and good wishes ...

    Originally Posted by Clarke Hanna View Post

    also hold a webinar with your list and speak with them directly
    You're seriously offering that as advice to someone whose question started with the words "I am somewhat of a newbie to online marketing. I'm single mom trying to supplement my income"?! I've seen everything, now.

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  • Sometime its depend on what kind of services or product you are offering.
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    I would recommend building a relationship with your list. So that you can have a higher conversion rate
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      Congratulations striving4success2014, on your new adventure.

      Others have given you good advice to start with. So I'd like to approach your dilemma from another angle.

      You mentioned you've been trying to market your business for over 2 months. Then you mention
      (Social Media, Classifieds, YouTube, Blogs, you name it).

      First you're making a classic mistake most new marketers make. Confusing marketing methods with having a business. I may be wrong but it seems like you're trying a lot of different methods to see what sticks or works. Beware of Shiny Object Syndrome <==

      May I suggest you find a specific product/product category or service, preferable something your passionate about and commit to it. Focus on it, research it, along with your market and it's current untapped needs and even your competition. Start there first.

      By building this foundation first you'll have more authority, stability and clarity, which will help you avoid information overload. Plus, it will give you a firmer foundation to execute the suggestions others have already offered you so far.

      Something to consider. Good Luck.
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  • Give something of value to your leads and build relationship.

    People dont join products, people join people
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