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I'm looking at creating a seo service which I will market through affiliates.

However, after much deliberation I'm still unsure what platform to choose: JVZOO or clickbank.

I think I like JVZOO platform better but I'm sure clickbank has a lot more affiliates, is that right?

So is it usability vs the amount of affiliates?
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    If you're unsure, why not use both? Both of them have their own perks. Try JVZoo first, then launch later on CB.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    I totally agree with Alex. I have used both (still use both); there are pros and cons to both. I, too, would start with JVZoo and then use Clickbank second!
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      I could be wrong because I'm not a seller but I buy regularly from both. Keeping in mind that outside perception is far different from your inside reality, here's what I've seen over the years.

      Clickbank gives people a sense of security because they refund within 56 days and in many cases they will refund within 8 weeks or 2 months so there's very little risk. I've heard Clickbank fees are higher than normal but I would imagine that depends on different factors for each Vendor.

      I don't think JVZoo gets involved in seller refunds - not like Clickbank does. That isn't good when sellers happen to disappear before their zero to rarely more than their 30-day warranty period is up. Adding a physical address and phone number along with a responsive help desk builds the trust you need to get and keep your customers happily opening up your emails down the road because I'm guessing that's where the bulk of your money will be coming from in the long run.

      I've also seen marketers offer affiliates 75% to 100% commission on the front end for something with high perceived value for no more than $7. That's enough motivation to make affililates "want" to promote your product while you build a nice, big "buyers" list of future customers that will buy your higher priced products directly from you so you can offer more value instead of paying more affiliate commission.

      The only way to grow a sustainable business is with repeat customers over time...especiclally if you promote or make consumable products people love to talk about because they work.

      I retired in 2005 at 43 and now I give away websites like these for FREE [hosting excluded]

      When you make at least $100+ per month, we split the profit 80/20 and YOU get the 80% Until then, you keep 100% and I'll help you drive traffic, get backlinks and put the domain in your name too!
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    Both of them are pretty good. You get the best of both worlds if you use both
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    I would actually have it a well educated guess that there are much more super affiliates hanging out on JVzoo than Clickbank these days. It does depend on the market but in the IM niche, there are very rarely big launches on Clickbank anymore. The reason being there is too much click jacking where people order through their own affiliate links, their refund policy is far too laxed, and they charge a large fee per transaction.

    I would definitely recommend JVZoo over Clickbank.
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