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Hi Warriors,

What do you think about using document sharing sites to circulate content with your links in them as a way of driving traffic?
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    I think it can be quite a reasonable "minor afterthought" sort of thing to do, and you can get a bit of targeted traffic from it. It's the kind of thing you might want to outsource to a VA whose labor-costs are very cheap, perhaps?

    I used to do it a little bit, myself. Now, I don't even let my VA do it, to be honest, because I think that although it can bring you some traffic, it actually compares pretty badly with other traffic-generation methods, and it's kind of questionable whether it's really worthwhile for me.

    But the principle is doubtless a good and valid one, for all that, and I'm not aware of any potential downside to it.

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      If you decide to follow through with your idea to try document sharing, I would suggest three important things to do with every document shared:
      1. Always post the content to your own site first so that it is indexed and attributed to you as the author and your site as the "home" location
      2. Always include a way to track where your traffic from these docs originate so you can get a sense, over time, about the usefulness of the method and which sharing services are performing best for you
      3. You must make the content shared compelling and leaving the reader with a burning desire to follow up at your site. Isn't the reason for sharing content to pick up subscribers and ultimately make sales? So I would approach this strategy, not so much as a branding exercise, but as a way to drive targeted traffic to your business. Give your readers a taste of something that is so good they will truly be begging for more - they will want to rush to your site because what you gave them was so outstanding!
      Like any strategy in IM, give this one a fighting chance for success by being consistent and persistent over time. Give it a chance to work. Set a goal to submit one or two docs a week for 4-6 months before you judge whether it's a good idea. Most docs are not picked up immediately.

      The very best to you.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Thanks for the comment both to Steve and Alexa.

    It does seem like everything has to have a time to run before it can be judged. In the back of my head, the question I am asking is how does it compare to other traffic generation methods and will it be worth the time investment.
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    I use the document sharing sites to spread my content.
    When I write a blog post, I repurpose it into a PDF document and upload it to SlideShare and Scribd - the two biggest document sharing sites, I don't bother with all the rest.

    Now, if you think of creating content specifically for these sites then i would say don't bother. You wont get a lot of traffic using these sites.
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