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I was wondering if I can get some advice before I "dive" into a certain niche. My passion is writing (mainly screenwriting).

Anyway, what I want to do is start a type of authority site dedicated to fiction stories, but it will be only fiction stories dedicated to a certain genre, such as horror or erotica (which are right now, the two genres I'm interested in).

So, basically, unlike many fiction sites that are more educational in nature and dedicated more to teaching people how to write and market their novels, short stories, kindle, etc..., my site will feature various horror (or erotica) stories and short stories that will be contributed by various authors (I may contribute some of my own... although all my horror stories are in screenwriting format and need to be adapted to fiction format ).

I guess if I have to compare my site to another one, it will be more like Wattpad and some other fan fiction sites floating around on the web.

Anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts are about starting a site like this, the potential, and also the different ways I can monetize and make money from the site (other than selling my own stories).

I've been giving a lot of thought about ways to make money from a site like this.

Any advice or thoughts about the potential of my "nice" would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !
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    Here's a possibility I came up with... I know someone who's an artist. I could have her draw some original "horror related artwork" or "erotica related artwork" and sell it on my horror/fiction site.

    What do you people think of that?
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    Do you have certain authors in mind that you would feature? If so, are they famous authors, or indie/not-so-famous, perhaps getting started, authors?

    The reason I ask is because if it's the latter, you might could ask some of the authors themselves what they think of the idea, and do some brainstorming with them. Then you could interview them as a way to generate traffic to your site (they share with their audience that they are being interviewed and give the link to your site where the fans can listen to it) where their stuff and others would be for sale.

    Just a thought. My biggest question is how you are planning to get traffic to the site.
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    First build the community. What I mean is create a site where people show up often to see what's new. Start with great content. Allow and even encourage comments on your content. Move toward a forum where people interact. Build a list using writing tips, formatting tips and anything else you can think of that would be of interest.

    Look at the hundreds of sites that cater to Kindle fiction writers for ideas on monetizing the site. Sell ad space. Sell formatting guides. Sell stories. Offer plot ideas. Proofreading that you could outsource. Editing. Reviews. There're lots of things you can do. Of course, you'll want to plan it all out in advance. Authority sites don't just happen overnight. It takes time and a lot of work.
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    A few of my friends have frequented sites such as to submit their science fiction stories. They are paid very well and get a lot of avid readers. My advice is to create a community for your genre first then have them see a glimpse of sample excerpts. If they like your story they may want to ask for more.

    Once you have built a following, give them the freedom to have full control of the characters and the entire universe you have made. That is how fandom works. The interaction between the writer-written word-reader makes being a fan that awesome.

    Hope this suggestion helps.

    -Ravishing Rick Rodd-
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    Monetize it with adsense since you will have a great benefit which is "Original Content" that will always be updated and that's eaxctely what google wants right now. You can also sell fiction ebooks as an affiliate through Clickbank and Google Affiliate Network and book stores like "barnes and noble" or Amazon Kindle!
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    Paid subscriptions and peer reviews... They work wonders for budding fiction writers and well-established ones.. Try it too.
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