Lost subscriber re-activation/"we want you back" bonus ideas?

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Hi - any ideas on bonuses or other ideas for recovering subscribers who've been part of your subscription service for a few months, then quit?

I like to send a "we want you back" type email, w/time limited discount, to lost subscribers, on rare (1-2x/year) occasions.

I'm thinking of putting them into a more sophisticated autoresponder chain, eg week 1 after they cancel, week 2, then week 4/8/12


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    Generally it's best to just forget about those who have unsubscribed from your list. Focus your marketing efforts on your actives and retention incentives for new subscribers.
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    Yeah. You could also run into some issues such as being accused of spamming if you're not careful. If they've unsubscribed or cancelled, I wouldn't contact them again.

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    Instead put your time into working on how to minimise the unsubscribe rate by offering more value.
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    Make it new!

    Relaunch a version 2.0

    Have a contest

    Add new content

    Special discount to past customers

    Offer a one-time lifetime price instead of monthly for a limited time with a fast-action bonus

    discount the monthly

    Give them access to something else exclusive.

    Add some sort of Done-for-you to the mix (if applies)

    just a few ideas
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    I just want to put something out there.

    I've unsubscribed from a few lists because I couldn't stand the constant emails that offered nothing of value.

    However, one fine day I found myself getting an email from one of the lists (a pretty huge name) about a great product he is launching. And what do you know? It actually piqued my interest!

    I clicked on it and I am interested in hearing further info about it.

    My point is that people who unsubscribed did so to quiet all the useless noise in their inboxes.

    But if you have something really worthwhile to share, they may not bite you.

    But it truly has to save them time, money, heartache...something!

    Just my .02.

    Of course, I'm not advocating emailing your unsubscribes. I'm just sayin'.
    Are you a newbie who would love to learn how to start making money online? Boy, do I have a free report for you!
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    offer them another really good bonus
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