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I have 2 websites...the first one focuses on digital products I design for moms but I did add a blog section. The second website is a mommy blog with entries about mom and kid topics.

The first one is really targeting the product by the name and the focus on the site, so that's why I thought it would be good to just have a separate site as a blog. This way, I'm really trying to attract moms that may not care about the digital products. I also felt like I could be more candid on the blog, instead of the first website, because I wanted to appeal to all moms. On the blog, I could appeal more to moms like myself and be a little more free in my entries. It's like putting that cheesy customer service smile for the first website and then on the second I can tell you how it really is.

So I'm working 2 websites but then I thought, what if the blog section on my first website links to the second website? I'm just stuck because I'm trying to promote 2 websites: so I did 2 twitter accounts, 2 pinterest, 2 Facebook pages. Should I just focus on branding one instead? My target audience is really the same but again, the blog name is focusing on me as a mom, whereas the first website is the business. Each one also has its own subscribe boxes and I was going to do different emails with affiliate marketing. I'm just at a point where I'm wondering if all of my efforts on building a brand might be more effective if I focus on one.

Any thoughts are appreciated!
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    You have to focus your efforts and resources until you make only one website succeed. I think you're working alone. No one has the time to brand or promote two websites and create strong strategies for 2 websites at the same time. This way you're kidding yourself, and you won't achieve any results you can be proud of.

    Just focus on either of your websites until it's so successful and then you can use your experience and knowledge to promote the second one.

    Hope it helps!
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    It seems like you are struggling to maintain two blogs at a time.
    Why not just focus on one particular website and make most out of it.

    Once one is doing well you can then move on to the other website.
    I used to have like 5 different websites, but maintaining it is just impossible.

    Right now I only focus on 1 and its doing great
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    Yes, I think that all makes sense and I know it's true but I just can't decide which one to focus on. Right now, I'm all over the place. I like both for different reasons, so it's hard to put the other aside. Both are working websites, but I guess there is really no reason not to incorporate the blog entries on my other website. I'm trying to work on kindle books too....wish there were more hours in the day and I didn't need to sleep!
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    Why not merge the two? I promote digital products and physical products among info-only posts and it works fine.

    You can set up navigation so there are different sections on the site. I have multiple sidebars for my site, depending on the category.

    If you're looking to build up a brand, running one website is more than enough work, especially if you're building up social properties as well.
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    Just relax with your business site, hire a VA is a good option to save your time and work.

    For your personal mom site is need more traffic, because you can create killer connection with your mom niche. After that you can send your convert visitors to your business site.
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    Focus on one site at a time. Make the first one succeed, then automate it, and then launch the next one. Think of it as franchises. After you make a franchise successful in one location, expand and make it successful in another location - and etc. Take your time though... would hate to see you get burnt out and quit trying to make money online forever.
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    I know you probably have heard this enough, but I would focus all of your efforts on one site. You want to vertically integrate your viewers/traffic to one source to build a larger audience quicker. Also, it allows you to focus all your energy to one entity as opposed to scattering your tasks. As the great Ron Swanson said, "You can't half-a$$ two things, whole a$$ one thing."
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    Unless you are going to merge the two sites like others have said I would take this approach:

    I would focus the blogging efforts on the more personalized site. Since you are promoting to the same audience on each site I would find a way to promote your product site form your blog. This could be through sidebar ads, banner ads, in content ads, or even email marketing.

    Your product site would still have that customer service nice look to it while your personalized blog would be your place to let your opinions fly.

    I would treat the first website like the product. It exists to inform and sell the customers on the product.

    I would treat the second website like the tool that drives traffic to the product. It is very common to have a separate site just for your product. I would just make sure to focus all your blogging efforts on one of the sites. In this case it would be site 2. Same with social media and other outlets. Focus them all on one site.
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