Advice please can this work ?

by Dave d
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A friend of mind wants to profit from website(s) and has lets say roughly up to $10,000 or possibly more to do so.

So here is the problem or rather problems;

She doesn't have a lot or any ideas on the niche

Not very tech savy at all

Everything would have to be outsourced including the keyword research

She mainly wants a hands off role.

Is it possible for somebody like this to achieve the goal of having a profitable website built for profit and what sort of niche or site would be recommended ie membersip or what bearing in mind the large budget available.

Any taughts advice welcomed.

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    I would personally say there is a very high chance of getting burned when you get into a business in a field you have no expertise or knowledge in.
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      I don't think it matters if you have $100 or $10,000 - if you have no idea what you want to do or what niche you want to work in and you don't want to spend the time to learn how to build your'll lose.
      This is no more than saying "here's some money - do something for me and get me more money". Not an effective strategy to start any business.

      Tech savvy isn't important - many tech aspects are very simple to learn and others can be outsourced. Writing can be outsourced, site building can be outsourced (though I don't recommend it for the first site).

      You can't outsource ideas, and keyword research is basic and so important to success or failure of an online venture (and easy to learn to do) that I'd never outsource it. If you have a site built for you, you still need to learn how to work with the site yourself or you are at the mercy of hiring someone every time you need to make a simple change.

      With that amount of money and some dedicated time and effort, it would be possible to build an online business that required little maintenance. The problem is that without learning what the business entails, your friend doesn't have the tools to outsource. Outsourcing works when you can specify exactly what you want and how you want it done. If you don't have a plan and don't know what you want - you're just hiring people to do "something".

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    Wouldn't it be a good idea to go to one of the website trading sites and buy an established site?
    Once you have found one you like, you could get someone who knows IM to check it out.

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    Your friend needs a fundamental understanding of online business and what it takes to create a profitable one.

    She should learn the basics like...

    - What's an online business model?
    - How does one earn income with one?

    If she doesn't know what she's doing it's going to be hard to outsource.

    Once she understands the basics and what's required, she can get someone to do most everything for her but it wouldn't hurt her to run a couple campaigns for personal experience.

    Hope This Helps!!


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    If she wants a website building kit and personal help from me, I could walk her through with this. Do send me a PM if she is interested.
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    I would say that your friend needs to research what is required to run internet-based businesses. She'll need to at least understand the basics of how the internet works and what makes a web page.

    Once she's decided what kind of business model she's going to go for she'll need to spend much time learning what it takes to market the business and run it technically.

    I advise against a complete novice trying this, but there are ways. Perhaps she could consider running a blog, maybe on a hosted system like - it's pretty easy to use and it'll give her an idea of what's possible.
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      Go to facebookster and let them create an app.
      Can't post links so just google it.
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    I think it is possible, but its better if she works with someone closely, and someone she knows, so she could keep track of the progress, and before she does find someone, its better, that she already has a plan/knows exactly what she wants out of it. And it wouldnt hurt if she learns the basic.
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    Hey Dave!

    She must have something that she is interested in or passionate about...

    This to me is the starting point. There are plenty of great outsourcing avenues available right here on this forum.

    But she must have some direction..."Ready, Fire, Aim" does not work in business.

    She should first establish what she really, really loves...make your hobby your business and you will never go to work a day in your life!

    Live the Dream!
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