Fiver Gig - Domain Registrar Traffic ( Need Advice)

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I am trying to drive traffic to my page. I came across a fiver gig that promise traffic to any website.

It talks about using domain registrars. I am not 100% sure what is that mean, and I do not want any fake traffic.

Can someone take a look and verfy if it is a scam or not?
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    The traffic is low quality and not worth the money, not even worth 5 dollars
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      What would you recommend? I am new at getting traffic.
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    I think it mean domain redirecting traffic and it's very low quality and not worth it!.
    If you want quality traffic advertise on google or facebook or you can go with media buying like for example buy ads space on websites and forums that are related to your niche and keep tracking conversion and sales until you get the best conversion rate!

    You can also use PPV like TrafficVance
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      Thanks unreal
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        I tried to get traffic from domain registrars and that is right it is pretty low quality traffic. There was also an idea about getting traffic from parked domains and that did not work either. I am not sure how they match your offer with the expored domains but I suppose if you could check this and it was relevant you may get some traffic but media buying is better. The most important thing is to really research your audience and then find out where they hang out. Then buy banners etc on those sites.
        Good luck
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    Fiverr is not a place to get traffic, especially with the 'Unlimiten traffic for X months' types of gigs. 95% of these gigs are delivering bot traffic and the remaining 5% is very low quality.
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