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Hi Guys

I'm about to use fiverr.com to find a logo designer (something I've never done before). I want to be able to use the logo in emails, FB page and website so what file format do I need to get it in. I was looking at one designer's profile and he mentions a vector file..... I've no idea what that is so your help would be much appreciated. This may or may not be relevant but I use a MacBook Pro.
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    Get a .png with a transparent background.
    The vector file is the source file, so you can open it up in Illustrator and make changes if needed such as resizing, different colors, positioning, etc.
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    Thanks Ryan. Is Illustrator a program I have to purchase?
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  • Most fiverr logo gigs are actually a bit more than $5 because you have to pay extra for source files and transparent backgrounds which a re generally needed to be used as you want them.

    But definitely make sure the logo is built in illustrator. You want a vector logo so you can resize it.

    Originally Posted by Mairin44 View Post

    Thanks Ryan. Is Illustrator a program I have to purchase?
    Ill answer this for you, Yes it is a program, Adobe Illustrator, and no you do not need it.

    All you need is the png logo on transparent background. Have the designer create a few sizes for you.

    If you need more sizes just send me the source file and ill do it for free, only takes a sec
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      Thank you High Plains.

      If I ask the designer to provide me with 3 sizes, do I need to specify the sizes or are there generally standard sizes that are used that he will be aware of? (this is all new to me)
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        You can just tell the designer you need a couple of sizes and he'll know what to send. From my experience the sizes don't vary greatly and what they give you is pretty much usable across different platforms.

        Also keep the source file with you so you can make changes to it in the future if you want to.
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      transparent png files should be the included in the basic design since they are the basic format a logo should be delivered in. I too design logos and post the transparent png without any extra cost.

      Though the editable files are the source which a designer has worked on, providing that defiantly need extra cost.
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    theres lots of people that can do it on fiverr
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    Vector is the way to you. You'll be able to make it as big as you want, even as big as a billboard.

    Of course, this is assuming you get a good design you'd want to make as big as a billboard.

    Have you thought about 99 Designs? From my experience, and I've had A LOT of experience, you have a much better shot of getting a great logo there than Fiverr.
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      Thank you guys for the information. I have a much better understanding of how this works now. David, I've never heard of 99 Design before but I'll certainly check it out.
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    You can ask for SVG format (scalable vector graphics) for printing purpose.
    for website/email/business card - ask for a transparent png file
    for printing on tshirt/stationary - ask for high resolution png files.
    It is a good practice to keep editable of your brand logo with you (just in case you want some minor changes)

    By the way, I am a logo designer too. I believe in "Draw less, explain more" concept (Minimal Designing).
    You can catch me on fiverr too: design minimal creative vector logo - fiverr
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    Avoid Fiverr.. use something like GraphicRiver

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    Get a png format file.Also don't forget to get the source file in psd format.By using psd file you can edit the logo in photoshop in future
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