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Hi all, I am new to the wf, have learnt so much already and have even started making some cash from tips picked up here
I want to start selling my own products, 'how to's and this will be a series of instructional videos and I will be giving away bonuses (wp themes, picture files etc)
My question is really how do you do this?
I have already have some stuff for sale on JVzoo -none sold yet- but these are like ebooks and I just uploaded pdf files to JV and host my own site with the sales page.
How do you actually put all the videos / zip files in one place?
e.g. say I am selling a 'how to host the best dinner party ever' info product, this may be 3 videos and some zip files of recipes.
I have a sales page, but where/how do I put all the videos together - would this be on my website with the sales page? How do get them to/deliver the product after purchase?
Hope this makes sense and sorry to ramble on.
Hope to hear back with ideas!
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    I would setup a membership area with wishlist

    or s2members

    And then host all the info and product there
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      A protected membership site or members area could work.

      If you don't want to do that, search online for "digital download delivery" or something similar. There are many, many options.

      Here's just one to get you started (and an excellent choice at that):



      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I use DLGuard which allows me to securely self-host the files or host them in the cloud.


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    hi, thanks for the info, I don't really want to set up a membership site so will look into DLGuard and e-junkie
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    Amy, for your first time keep it simple. Some platforms will allow you to upload the download file directly to them so customers can access it after purchase.

    But to make things easy using something like DLGuard should do the trick.

    Later on down the line you can get more advanced with creating membership portals for your products as there are many advantages to having a membership site over just a single download.

    But it's important to crawl before you can walk so keep it simple to begin with.

    Best of luck with it all!
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    Hi Amy

    Well done on taking action, that is awesome!

    With regards to getting started, Will already made the point of not running before you walk and that is so good advice!

    Why spend time on membership sites in the beginning when they take even more learning curve and even investment. Get the money rolling in first, then expand and get "pretty".

    One thing you can do is just create a folder on your site hosting, something like /wfs0087pr1/ then add a robots file to stop them from being searched. You can see more here The Web Robots Pages

    Then upload an index.php or index.html file that is a redirect back to your main web site (in case people find the directory but do not know the file name) You can see how to do that here: H76: Using meta refresh to create an instant client-side redirect | Techniques for WCAG 2.0

    Zip up your video files with any other documents into a zip folder and name it something original and hard to guess as well, then FTP that to your folder you created.

    Now use that direct link on sites like JVzoo as your download link once they purchase.

    You can get fancy with streaming and other things once you have the cash flow to fund it all (and the time to learn).

    Hope that helps and all the best!

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    hi, thanks for all the useful info -that's why i love WF - will get looking into that now
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