Do you write your own WSO sales copy? What's your experience so far?

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Sales copy...
Conversion directly depends on a sales copy.

When you invest on your time and money on a killer product, you want your sales copy to bring you lots of sales.

The challenge is, if you are not backed up by big affiliates, you are unsure of the return on investments. So, you are afraid to invest on outsourcing your sales letter. So, many of the WSO vendors end up writing their own sales letter. Many of them don't even know the basic of writing a sales letter.

The question is - have you ever written your own sales copy? What was the result? Please share your experience.

-M. Bari
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    A nice WP plugin could be verry usefull to make a WSO sales letter!
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  • First of all, you OP have made great products and are amazing at what you do when it comes down to helping others enhance their WSOs.

    I will have to say that as much as I have always wanted to hire a PRO to write my copy for me.....

    I really do want to develop my salescopy on my own.

    I have written all the salescopy on all of my WSOs. I have never hired anybody to do it for me because I know that learning from your own experience is a huge plus.

    My WSOs have done pretty well. I've had up and downs in conversions, but it's all about developing your level of writing, testing, and seeing what works. It's all about using emotional tactics.

    I do have to say however, that if you want to sell a big WSO, you should hire a PRO ATO DO IT FOR YOU...especially if you are new.
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      I write my own sales copy, but I've spent my entire adult life in sales or marketing.

      I also have voraciously studied the top copywriters and even took the AWAI course on copywriting, so I believe it is just one of those critical things that any business owner should at least have a basic understanding of. (or prepare to pay a copywriter to do it for you)

      I also believe that if you are the business owner, you probably understand your customers best (or should) and this advantage helps you when writing copy.

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        I wrote my own sales copy for my WSO. Would link it here but think it is against the rules, just check my past threads and you will find it if you want to take a look.

        My WSO has done incredibly well (especially for my first product launch). Launched October 2nd 2013 and to date has sold 3,050 copies and brought in well over $100k.

        When I was writing the sales copy I went and studied all of the best selling WSO/Info Products that were on the WF and after reading 50 of them I found common themes. Then took what moved me and made me want to buy other WSO's and used that in mine.

        My suggestion if your writing your own is to read other peoples sales letters and identify what parts of the sales copy make you want to buy. Write all of them down that you find and integrate them into your own sales copy.

        Worked very well for me!
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    I write my own sales letters but I'm a professional copywriter so I guess my situation is unique.
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    I write all my own sales letter and absolutely crush sales online, but I understand that all IM'ers are basically just good ole fashion direct response marketers, and if you don't know how to craft high converting copy you better be able to fork out at least 10k to 20k for a good one..

    All of my mentors have made hundreds of millions of dollars, and the thing they talk about the most is how to write high impact copy that gets someone to pull out their credit card and give you CASH!

    I've be a part of 5 WSO's that have done more than 20k in revenue in less than 2 weeks...

    I prefer to write all my own copy, it's where all the money is made
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    Mixed but the more time I put into the copy, the better it has always done.

    When I've half-arsed it, I've got half-arsed results.

    Fortunately the WSO section is about as Targeted as you can get so having the right offer does do a lot of the heavy lifting - the right message for the right market.
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    I think in the Wso section it's not crucial to hire a great copywriter, i think the social proof on your thread does most of the selling for you.

    I've writtien all my own copy and English is only my third language. Now every reasonable person would strongly advice me to hire a copywriter, but i like to learn myself.

    I got one very good Wso and a couple of mediocre one's, but if i compare the conversion rate of most Wso's which have obviously spent a lot of $$$ on a professional copywriter with my Wso's, i do'nt see too much of a difference....
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    One of the great things about selling plugins, tools, and software is that you don't need amazing sales copy to sell your product. All you need do is create a video showing people exactly what your tool does and how it's going to make their life easier.
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