Crowdfunding for travel website?

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I've thought about making a travel related website. Where I make all the videos, pictures, and written content. I don't have the money to make all of this happen. Is crowdfunding an option? How difficult is crowdfunding? I would be seeking about 5,000 to 10,000 dollars. Is this an amount that is possible? I see there are several crowdfunding sites out there. Which one would be best suited for this type of project? That is if any of them are.
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    I think you may have the cart in front of the horse here...

    Recommendation... Go get Eric Ries' book 'The Lean Startup' and read it at least once.... Possibly twice.

    'Choose Yourself!' by James Altucher would be book recommendation #2.

    Your statement 'I don't have the money to make all this happen' is your sticking point right now. You have the ability to post here on WF, so you have the ability to START.

    I mean a laptop, hosting and a digital camera is enough to start (be sure to read the Groupon case study in The Lean Startup) and those items should cost you a tiny fraction of what you think it'll cost if you don't already have them... And seriously, if you are passionate enough and motivated enough, I'd put money on it that you could borrow whatever you needed to get started.

    You really need to prove the concept (meaning make some money FIRST) then if you have a direct path to scale and can prove that $5000 would generate $10000 in revenue... Maybe think about crowdfunding.
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    Yes read seth godin, he talk a lot about that kind of stuff too
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    Here`s a free book from seth that should help you a lot
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    You need to start first. I agree that thinking of next steps to grow your business is a great idea but you should test the waters first. There are certain things that have to be done right before you can start on funding of your business.
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      Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'll spend some time reading all of this stuff. I surfed the crowdfunding sites last night and was pretty surprised. I always thought crowdfunding was a way for businesses to get start up capital when they had none. It seems to me that a lot of the stuff is artistic. Sure there are some people with technology or whatever. It sure would be nice if there was crowdfunding for people like us. People who just wanted to make the internet a little more fun. I guess it will have to wait until the animals in space documentary is funded.
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    I am not an expert in crowdfunding, but I think people trying to create something artistic or new have better chances to get their project started. There are millions of travel websites out there, so you need to convince people why yours would be special.
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    I would focus on more tangible goals... Like if you want to monetize this site one day, focus on things that matter. Like building an email list. Create a landing page and test your messaging, then create your travel site for your subscriber.
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