Whats your biggest mistake in IM???Here is mine.....!

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Calling all IM experts....

Tell me a specific one mistake that you made in your online journey.

Here is mine:

3+ years on IM but didn't build a list

My Little Advice: Try to build a list on the very first day

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    I'm not an expert.. But I do want to answer this

    My mistakes is the same with you..
    Second mistakes: Not providing a great value to my list when I'm started to build my list..

    Additional advice: Try to delivers good value for your list..
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    3+ years on IM but didn't build a list
    Apart from that mistake....Other one is "No Focus".
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      I made 10-12 big, identifiable, avoidable mistakes when I started. (Most of them arose directly or indirectly from listening to people in forums who sounded as if they ought to know what they were talking about, but actually didn't at all: they were just repeating what everyone else said, probably believing it all to be true and being perfectly well-intentioned. )

      I listed them all here: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post8532320

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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        Alexa, I loved that post. I am constantly struck by evidence of the herd mentality here. Particularly in the form of newbies desperately seeking help because they are failing in one post, and giving advice on the way to succeed in the next.

        I have made my mistakes in business, but most of them have only affected me (well, me and my poor, long suffering wife). I try hard not to share any wisdom I have not legitimately earned through my own experiences.

        My biggest mistake early on was lack of focus. It took me about a year to get the cajones to start firing clients that were not helping me achieve my own growth. Once I decided to only work within the niche I already intimately knew, things really took off. I never forgot that lesson.
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    Yep definitely "no focus", and perhaps being prone to losing interest in things too quickly. Problem is there's always another way to make money, and as we all know, the grass always looks greener on the other side...

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    Yes that's most definately the most common mistake new people make. (including myself).

    And it's good you bring this up, since the information overload can be overwhelming for people just getting started. So the first advice is: set up your funnel asap and start building your list!
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    My mistake was also not building a list. Once I built a list then my profits have become consistent and not hit and miss.
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    What's up guys! For me, the biggest mistake I made when I first started was not tracking anything. It sure made me learn the hard and costly way to track everything I do now!
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    I'm still trying to overcome mistakes such as time management, lack of focus, frequently checking emails and luring towards too many making money methods....

    These are very difficult problems for me, and knowingly I'm not able to overcome these....
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    I wasted a fair amount of money on advertising that was, let's say, "worthless." ):
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    My biggest mistake when i first started IM was information overloaded, that was about 16 months, i did not make a dime.
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    Mine was definitely "Shiny Object Syndrome." Kept jumping around instead of focusing on one niche...
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    Not checking my links. Wasted thousands on sending traffic to dead links and offers a few times.
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    The biggest mistake that most people make is - Thinking that IM is some easy money generator. Well, that is how most of the products are marketed. The bottom-line is that you have to have a business plan just like any other business. Create a plan, stick to it and keep your focus and patience. do not run after each and every newly launched product. First you need to take your biz plan to the finish line before you can get distracted. Learn to live with failures - Not everyone can create Google or Facebook and not everyone is right every time. Just don't give up and learn from your mistakes and improve.
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    Mine was lack of focus, buying every "Gurus" turn-key and proven business in a box solutions.
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    My biggest mistake? Not finding a mentor. It wasn't until I found one in which I was able to make $1000+ profit on a regular basis.

    Chic Fil A > McDonald's

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    Not being focused on one method... just bought too many WSOs and didn't implement one of them.
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    MISTAKE - Didn't conduct proper "fact checking" before running a huge campaign that ended up going viral. When campaigns go viral and they have "less than accurate" claims in them, people who's jobs it is to ruin your day will do exactly that. And, that's precisely what they did.

    LESSON LEARNED - don't take a vendors word that their claims are valid. ALWAYS check the facts before rolling out a large scale affiliate marketing campaign.

    If the campaign is large enough, have an attorney review it.

    Once you launch a campaign and it goes viral (by design) it cannot be stopped. By then, if you run into legal problems - it's already too late.
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    Biggest mistake was not being able to realize that if I wouldn't consider the offer myself, why would anyone else consider it.

    Second biggest was tracking. I'll say it now...track everything!
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    1. Not delegating repeat work so I could focus on important ones. Delegate as much as possible.
    2. Lack of focus.
    3. Somebody said tracking. Now I have a daily tracker on desk. Track efforts not results.
    4. Keeping this part time until it grows big enough.
    5. Time management: block emails, time waste sites.
    6. A list but not acting on it.
    7. Transaction value. 5$ product vs 500 $ product.

    More later
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    Lack of consistency and not taking action.
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    As far as building lists though, there's a few problems. For one thing, the term "build a list" is actually pretty broad. It could mean to build a list of people who got a free gift, people who simply want updates to your blog, or people who actually bought something (either through your affiliate link, or from you). I've heard alot of people say that the only list even worth building is a list of proven buyers, that everything else is just a waste of time. I don't know how true this is, but I'm sure it makes a big difference.

    Another problem is that some ways of earning an online income don't seem to lend themselves well to keeping a list of subscribers. For example, an authority review-type site in a niche that's got a ton of products. Seriously, who wants to be subscribed so they can receive updates to the latest product you reviewed? Here's another one: some people license their music out to be used in peoples videos (I've done that a little). But very few, if any, people will want to subscribe to something like that, unless of course they're just there to enjoy the music which makes you no money.
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      Originally Posted by Long Beach Nathan View Post

      As far as building lists though, there's a few problems. For one thing, the term "build a list" is actually pretty broad.
      "Build a list" is even more broad than you point out. I haven't wasted time with email marketing since 2012 (it's time-consuming and very hard to scale I've always found), but I build huge segmented lists of data and work from that. For example, retargeting lists of people who click on certain banner angles, website placements, banner designs, etc.

      The only reason people recommend "building lists" is because you want to gain an asset that doesn't evaporate once you stop a marketing campaign, and well-structured data is another form of that.

      A very simple example of data lists is if you're getting a lot of SEO/social traffic to an article you host about fast weight loss. If you place some retargeting cookies on that page, you can then make an advertising campaign pushing some offers related to losing weight fast and have extremely targeted traffic - allowing you to bid like $25 CPM and still come out profitable.

      My point is, there are other ways to build lists than simply email.
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    Reading way too much, not taking action.

    This is what KILLS your motivation : You're doing IM for 2-3 years but a newbie who just have got in earns way more than you.
    A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.
    -Henry Ford
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    My first mistake was building a good email list but then not following up often enough. That was years ago, but I learned my lesson and very happily stay focused on my list now and always thinking of what they need from me. No more mistakes like that.
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      One of my biggest mistakes is investing in products or services and not taking the necessary time to thoroughly learn or take action.
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    Originally Posted by think more View Post

    a specific one mistake that you made in your online journey.
    The same mistake I tell to anyone and everyone who asks a similar question:

    Not getting a coach fast enough.
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    My first and fatal mistake was made when I tried to spin out my project. I didi it quite well. I haven't even spend big amount of money for it and I was quite surprised how well I did. So here's the problem. When I had enough viewers, my project hadn't finished yet. So I lost the interest and threw it away. Sounds stupid but here is my IM fail story.
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  • Profile picture of the author elusian
    My biggest mistake was spreading my focus in too many different areas. Pick one thing that you want to master at a time before moving on to the next. Success with IM is all about focus.
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    I would have to go with a lack of focus and not following through on projects. Having so many unfinished projects when I first started out, wish I took the time to finish them instead of moving on to another project.
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    trying too many things at the same time... jumping from one shiny object to another...!!
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    My biggest mistake was to stop for 6 months. I lost a lot of money and had to start over with my campaigns!

    Some still works but most of them are deadbeats
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  • Profile picture of the author Katie Rich
    Believing the tales about making money at the push of a button.
    Building a list then losing interest in keeping hold of it
    Leaving IM for years
    Not taking action as soon as I returned.
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    Creating and selling products with no backend products to offer.

    Plus... being too lazy to at least find an affiliate product to offer to people who would buy.

    I was trying to get rich on the frontend of the business. Never worked that way.
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      First, not building a list. And then second after realizing I needed to build a list, didn't build a relationship with them by giving value.
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    Ya my biggest mistakes were:

    1) Shiny Object Syndrome: for about 8 months I just bought "stuff" but didn't do anything. Didn't really take any kind of massive action. Which led me to buy more stuff. This is a vicious cycle that affects many Internet marketers. Don't get caught!

    2) Waiting more than 1 day to start building my list. List building is a foundation of Internet marketing and the only real long term asset you are building. There's a reason why everyone says to build your list. And there's evidence in how powerful having a list is when you hear John Reese say his list is like an ATM machine.

    Hit SEND. Watch the sales come in. What's more exciting than that?
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    I would not call it a mistake so much as I would like to call it a big lesson learned but I did not build an email list and that is what I am setting out to do with all my websites.
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