What was your biggest mistake when starting out online?

by mikeal
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Hi Warriors,

Everybody started somewhere,(some people forget that)! What was the biggest mistake you made when you started out online?
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    Starting at the wrong place, with all the bux sites and other scams. Though I have earnt some money from them.

    Now, when I already started working on internet marketing two major mistakes were lack of focus and using a crappy autoresponder.
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    I've made lots of mistakes, lol. Not sure what was the biggest one.

    But here are two:

    1. Putting all my eggs in one basket (trusting one source of traffic)

    2. Not building my own assets (most importantly - a list)
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    Jumped from one idea to another. Never really had a solid business model.
    Also not really utilising email marketing (building list)

    Had like 5 blogs ongoing at a time that really did not work out well.
    Instead now I focus on one blog and create the best value out of it.

    Designed a whole new business model that works
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    that's a link to a search for "biggest mistake" using the forum search function... I purposely chose to link to the last page because it shows how old this question is... NOT trying to tell you to not ask questions... but PLEASE use the search function FIRST
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