How do marketers use GoToWebinar as their email list?

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I'm hoping someone can answer this as it's something I'd like to try. (and it seems like an "insider" secret)

I've noticed that some of the marketers who do webinars (using GTW) communicate with their registrants directly through GoToWebinar and it goes to the registrant's email.

It's like when they get you registered to a webinar, they are then able to email you - as if you were on an opt-in email list.

How do they do that?

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    There's no secret, it's pretty easy actually.

    Log in to your account.
    1. In the left navigation, click Webinar History. The Webinar History page will load, listing any webinars completed within the past 30 days.
    2. Scroll to the webinar for which you want to modify email notifications.
    3. At Change Settings, click the drop-down menu and select Email Notifications.
    4. On the Email Notifications page, modify settings and click Save Changes
    You can find more settings there, all related to follow up's.
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    Just keep in mind that people who joined for a webinar notification don't necessarily want to start receiving followup emails from you though. I've had a few people try this on me and I've unsubscribed right away... so don't even turn up to the webinar.

    So use wisely.
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      I agree, Will, that this needs to be used with discretion.

      In my case, I want to use it to follow up with those who did not attend the webinar and let them know about another instance of the same, live webinar or let them know how to get the replay.

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