My country's new local classified ads website!

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Hey, I'm new to internet marketing, I've been lurking around WF eating all the information I could devour in the past couple of month.

In the past couple of month a new classified ads website was launched in my and it's getting really popular!
It gets around 1,600,000 searches per month, about 400,000 of them are from my country only, it's really popular by now.
I was thinking about the idea of starting a website based on how to make money from (The website), I did a couple of searches for a bit and I found ZERO competitors.
I went searching for guides on how to make money from craigslists hoping I'd learn something and maybe start from there since it's the website I'm talking about is basically the same concept but I haven't found anything yet.

I was hoping that you guys could light me up to some ideas that I could use or guide me further in this matter.
or even give me better ideas that making a website!

Thanks in advance!

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