Where's the best place to learn about video creation?

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Ok, so I'm ready to start looking into creating videos & video marketing for my landing pages, youtube, etc. In particular, I want to offer customized videos to local businesses.

Where's the best place to start? Is it worth it to purchase a subscription to the High Voltage video forum or is there someplace better to start?

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    There have to be a couple of wso's on here about video creation. First I would try to find some YouTube videos on the subject and then I would just try making videos and experimenting with all the functions. Learning is easier when your doing instead of just reading stuff online. Good luck on your video creation process
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    Absolutely check out the High Voltage Video Forum.
    I am a member and I cannot say enough good things about it...

    You can learn tons of information on video creation. There are amazing resources. And you are able to connect directly with experts in video creation and ask questions if you get stuck.

    IMHO, the very small investment has paid for itself many many times over....and it is a one time fee.

    If you are serious about learning video creation, it is certainly worth a look!
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  • Yes, there are tons of WSOs on this aspect.

    I would recommend again searching through the search section here on the forum.

    If you want to sell customized videos to offline businesses, try to first determine what kinds of videos you want to give them....ie. commercial...in house video...etc...

    Once you know, you can search for that kind of video and learn more about ways to go about making them.
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    You could spend a bunch of money buying wso's on the subject or spend $20 to become a member of the High Voltage Video Forum. There's tons of information in there to get you going. Plenty of helpful members in there too, so if you run into any technical issues you could always ask for help. Well worth the entry fee.
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    YouTube is the best place to learn about video creation.
    See the life of a real affiliate on Instagram https://instagram.com/ckrecicki
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      youtube is the best way to find how to answers
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        Thanks guys. I've been reviewing some youtube videos & just purchased my subscription to the high voltage forum
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    There are a lot of different resources, as mentioned above and there are different levels of knowledge certainly a forum would be helpful but also a professional course would also be extremely helpful, formatting, video formats, editing, configuring timing and hundreds of other settings go into a successful video production.

    I saw one the other day for a big product launch and it had timing errors skips, delays, obvious cuts and it was for a big name product, so there is a low entry barrier, go the extra mile and you will go far, )
    "Everything goes where attention flows..."
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  • Im trying to figure out a way someone could create a video from scratch for free, just a simple presentation style video.

    What software and tools are available to get this done?
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    I learned from Camtasia tutorials. It's very easy.
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    Here is a great idea for your local business videos that is absolutely free! Invite them to appear on a Google hangout with you and interview them about their business asking what they offer, why they are the best choice etc. The great thing is these videos rank very well in youtube and google so you can charge the business for getting them ranked in their area.

    Affiliate links are not allowed!

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    Check out some YouTube or Udemy courses on video creation @OP.

    But at the end of the day, the best way to learn about video creation is to get your hands dirty and create videos!
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