What Is The Best Guide/Training For Beginners In Affiliate Marketing?

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I've been around affiliate marketing for awhile now and always wondered what was the best guide/training offered for beginners in affiliate marketing?

Appreciate the insight and recommendations! Thanks in advance!
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    I would honestly recommend affilorama.

    They have everything you need to learn the basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing, and it's free to register.


    If I may offer a word of advice?

    Learn to think for yourself.

    Learn the basics, and then run with it. Have the courage to go out on your own.

    And make sure your plans make sense.

    Good luck.
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      I would say joining the War Room would be your best investment. It's like unlimited access to quality WSOs'.
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    Appreciate the recommendations and insight Sarevok and aprilm! I've always found WF to be highly helpful and the mecca for marketing online.
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    Anything by Erica Stone would be a good way to start, especially if you're thinking Amazon.
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    Thanks for the advice Mark Tandan! I'll look her up!
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    Yaro Starak has some good affiliate training on his blog. I learned a lot from him in the beginning.
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    Appreciate the advice Brent Stangel! I'll definitely check it out!
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    I second Affilorama. Mark Ling is the best to learn from when it comes to affiliate marketing. Check it out.

    Zack Sprague

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    Awesome Zack Sprague! Really love and appreciate the feedback I am getting on this thread!
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    Originally Posted by JeffOgburn View Post


    I've been around affiliate marketing for awhile now and always wondered what was the best guide/training offered for beginners in affiliate marketing?

    Appreciate the insight and recommendations! Thanks in advance!
    Nice timing! I'm actually working on a product that is an all in one affiliate marketing training . The thing with affiliate marketing is that it involves many different skills to make it work. Everyone ALWAYS says choose one method and run with it BUT it doesn't work like that.

    Say you choose Facebook or YouTube... Fair call you master how to generate traffic but where do you send the traffic to? A squeeze page or direct link. If a squeeze page, you will then have to learn how to optimize and split the squeeze page. And then email marketing and then blah blah blah.

    I know it's a bit different to what every says but In My Opinion. To be VERY successful as an affiliate marketer. You actually need to master a combination of skills and combine them all together.

    So unless a course teaches everything, I feel as though one need to buy a few other courses to get a very good understanding of affiliate marketing.
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    For me it was Rosalind Gardner’s SUPER Affiliate Handbook. Also, Bart Hennin's How to Make
    Incredible Online Income by Simply Recommending Products is good for beginners as well as for people who have been at it longer.
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    This isn't specifically affiliate marketing related, but Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com is one of the most brilliant internet and affiliate marketers in the space (he pulls in $80k+ per month), and he has a free intro to building passive income online on his site. You can find it here: Getting Started with Smart Passive Income
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    I want to know how this is possible?????
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    I think you can start anywhree, you just have to start.

    For a newbie I suggest to keep reading the forum here every day, but take action on that info. :-)
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  • I need a program with minimal start up costs that is not a scam I get hundreds of emails but this is where the best of the best land so give a newbie a heads up

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    Some great advice already given. I'll just give my 2 cents: Get yourself a membership to the War Room and utilize the free areas of WF. You can't go wrong with this route. You may not get all of the answers, but - and this is important - you'll get many "jumping-off points" that will lead you to Googling and researching more deeply into areas.

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    goto Clickbank marketplace...

    Affiliate templates are not allowed.

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    Join the War Room, not only are there specific affiliate guides for newbies, telling you everything you need to know, but there are also lots of other useful guides, with even more detailed info on subjects like traffic and website setup etc.

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    A master of affiliate marketing is Mark Ling of Affilorama. Even if you can't afford the price of his product he gives a great free education about marketing on his website Afilorama. Second, Spencer Hawes of Niche Pursuits, he really knows how to build niches sites and do keyword reach. All you need are these two guys you will have all the knowledge you need.

    A key point though there is difference in knowing: principles, strategy and tactics. You must first understand the concepts and principles behind what you are doing, then build your strategy based on them , then use tactics to implement your strategy.

    The point is people will constantly try to sell you new tactics, but these are always changing in the light of i.e google updates. new competition, new opportunities etc So first learn the principles and concepts, it is best to work out your own micro tactics think them through and implement them. Rather than buying short term tactical advice, which may have only short term value. Your own approach will be unique as it has come for you.
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    I would recommend to narrow down your search. If you focus only in this forum you will get information overload so I really recommend to search for someone who is successful and follow their steps.

    When I started I was following more than 5 people and I got really confused. later I started following my favourite mentor and got rid of the other ones!

    Free 9-Day Bootcamp Training To Build Your Profitable Online Business!
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    There are literally 'truck loads' of available information out there on Affiliate Marketing. My personal recommendation is to check out Adam Short's Niche Profit Classroom and / or Mark Ling's Affilorama. Search for them.

    Both offer very valuable resources on Affiliate Marketing.

    One thing that I would recommend to the new persons is to be careful and not get into the 'trap' of thinking that you need to purchase everything out there in order to succeed. That is not the reality.
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    Are you thinking of selling physical or digital products? Or service even?

    I think there's a difference in how you go about it although some of the folk here might disagree.

    Especially when it comes to creating the right kind of content and pre-selling. If you're selling a digital information product maybe you show an outline but the product provides the detail. If it's a physical product or supplement you can give as much information as you want because ultimately they have to buy the product to get the results.
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    I teach affiliate marketing my blog has à ton of free advice that you can check out.

    Other people i would recommend are Mark Ling, and James Francis they have good stuff as Well.
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