Does it cost alot to hire coders for freelancer jobs?

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I'm interested in hiring php coders to do a addon module for an existing php script.
My question is. Does it cost alot?
Is it better to pay hourly or one time payment?
Are my script secure and will not be stolen?
And how would I know if coders are legitimate and not taking too long just to code something that they can do in a short amount of time?
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    Does it cost alot to hire coders for freelancer jobs?
    Best way to find out is to post a job, and have the bids pour in. Different jobs garner different cost.
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    Agree for fixed price and don't pay hourly.

    Regarding other questions, you can't really know any of it.
    You just have to go with it.

    Send me a pm of what you need. I'm a developer and can give you rough estimate
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    Look at their portfolio, ask for references if possible, do small test so you know they actually have the skill to complete the project. Hiring the wrong person will cost you a lot of time and money.
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    Should I look for coders here or in Freelancer or Odesk or Elance?
    I notice people here (warriors for hire section) are very active.
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    Go with to secure your payment, and only release it when you get the job's done. Odesk is the second choice. WFH is the third and make sure you get the guys work/active in or odesk as well. Then you will stay save (in regard of money - not work quality, as you have to go with it first to have your own experience). Good luck.

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    You can go on freelance websites like:

    They have loads of coders there that can do the work for you. Post a job on each of them to see how much they quote you.

    But make sure you check their portfolio so you know they can actually do the work you require
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    I agree. Don't pay by the hour. Besides the websites that are already mentioned here, I would like to add another source which usually doesn't come to mind first: Teens and college students. They WANT to do the job right. They are EAGERED to earn some extra money AND they are usually pretty good at it at an affordable price. Think forums, blogs, craigslist or local colleges/int. cafe's .
    Hope this helped. Good luck!

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    If you want to find out, it's fairly simple, just add your project on, and within minutes you'll be able to tell how much it'll cost you.

    Obvioulsy you need to mention everything that needs to be done to get a realistic quote, and i agree pay per project not per hour.
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    ok if I do this how would my set price is fair? Will they think if it's too much coding they want more or it it is less coding they still want more. How would I know if the things I want is fair for both sides?
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      I am developer so I guess I can answer you
      In case of script getting stolen, ask the developer to sign an NDA. Go for fixed price as it is safer. If you work with me, I give demo first for partial work to gain trust then I ask initial payment
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    The problem is not so much about getting the job done but finding a good coder. Finding a good coder can take a ton of time and money. For the first job you ever post...always offer based on a fixed price. Over time after you've tried out many different coders. Just come back to the same one....and pay him his hourly rate...but have him give you an estimate number of hours beforehand. That way he feels free to get compensated for doing a quality job but he suffers if he ends up going over his own estimate. In my opinion...this has been the best way to do it. I've used the same programmer for years and so glad that he does incredible work for a reasonable rate and the business side of our relationship is always smooth.
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    I think you will be better off finding someone here and discussing with him.

    Some people may even do the job before they get paid.

    I don't know the urgency otherwise i would have suggested looking at it but am currently booked to the teeth.

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