Help Please - My First WSO is live and making sales but I need to change it FAST!

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Hi everyone,

I'm excited out of my tree but freaked out at the same time!

My first ever WSO (27 Secrets To Crafting A (Kickass) High-Converting Landing Page) seems to be live, or at least being promoted by affiliates yet I haven't paid the $20 to launch it (hence me freaking out at 15 unexpected sales already!).

Urgent Question 1: How do I modify the WSO so that they hit my GetResponse form (using a hyperlink) instead of them downloading the file directly from WF?

My plan was WSO > GetResponse signup > My Download Page + Funnel

There doesn't seem to be an option for the download link that was there before (newbie error!)

Urgent Question 2: How is this being promoted without me having yet paid the $20 fee??

Help please quickly!

Much appreciated, Rob Alexander
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