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Last week I bought several articles for my blog to keep it fresh, with unique content.
Today I've got pingback from website which is just started life with no authority, no rank and etc.
I've visit this site and was surprised- all my article is copied (not exerpt- all!!!), + bloger added some images from other websites.
At the end of article left exact link to my original article, and left links to original image source. This blogger does not own any content, any picture and just resourcing all he thinks might be valuable.
I wonder:
What is gona be now?- I do not want penalty for duplicate content. Don't want somebody resource all my content I publish...

Basicly I have bought content from person
Optimized my article for special keyword I want to rank for (good cpc rate and search volume and etc)

What should be my next step?- leave it alone or?
Any advice?
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    Duplicate content is only when you have the same content on the same website. If you have an article and another website copies that article, that's syndication. If your article was indexed first then you will be the one who gets credit for it.
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    Content syndication is a soupy mess these days.

    My advice?

    Focus on creating awesome content (for breathing humans) so people goto you first.

    If the machines are pleased and send you love, all the power to em'.

    As far as duplicate content? Just do you.

    PS: I remember I bought "WP Robot" a few years back. There was just a new version released. Maybe someone is snagging your content with this?

    If so, I say no big deal. Focus on creating awesome content that people WANT to steal. (muahaha).

    (If people steal/syndicate your content, you have two options. Option one, ignore it, and focus on creating beautiful content for humans, so they share it with their friends and remember you. Option two, get stressed out, tense, frustrated, and spend 90% of your free time tracking them down and complaining to their host. Which do you think will yield better results)?

    Just my humble $.02.

    (I ask that SEO warriors go easy on me).

    PPS: Not saying content resyndication is stealing. In many instances, according to the attached terms of each unique source of content, it isn't.
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    Yes these are just bots who scrape your RSS feed, post it to their own blog and add some images to it.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it though, if you're a blogger the most important part is engaging your audience, that's something these bots won't do, adn as Will said you'll get credit anyways if your post is indexed first.

    You could look for some plugins which block your RSS feed from being scraped though...
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    Every time I create and publish post, the search engines are pinged (Also auto published on social networks), but I still not sure- who will be indexed first: me or scraper?
    peakminute - blog about marketing and online business
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    It's a drag when this happens. I wrote a real nice article for my blog, over 1000 words and well-researched. Several days later, I google my search term and discover that someone stole my article, spun it a little and was ranking way higher than my original article.
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      My personal recommendation for you is to first try
      to contact the site owner and let him know that you
      find out he is copying your content... this wont solve anything ..
      but at least he will be alerted and maybe he wont do it again...
      at least with your content.

      There's no point of being stressed out with this...
      as Sarevok said... remember the whole point of
      blogging and creating content is for the people and not
      for google.

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    Content theft has been a big issue for bloggers. Sadly, you can't do much about it. The blogger stealing your content is running an autoblog (many blackhat internet marketers do that) so they don't choose where their auto-posting tools get their content from.

    Perhaps, you can get your stolen articles removed from that blog by contacting the owner as has been suggested above.

    You can also google your article's title and see which one comes first in the results, the original one or the stolen one. If the original one (from your blog) comes first, that would mean that Google recognizes your site as the owner of the content, in which case you'd have nothing to worry about.
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    It has happened to me before and I tried to get it removed. I spent far too much trying & never got it removed. It was time I should've spent on my sites but didn't. Take the advice already given, forget about it & focus on your business.

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      Originally Posted by Mark Davison View Post

      It has happened to me before and I tried to get it removed. I spent far too much trying & never got it removed. It was time I should've spent on my sites but didn't. Take the advice already given, forget about it & focus on your business.

      My minds above the same. I will check now, if it gona hapen again, next week with new post.. Naive hope this was only one time, because copied post edit was manual- same text, but 4 more new pictures. Uunless, I dont exactly know- how auto poster works.
      Thank to all replies, advice and personal experience share
      peakminute - blog about marketing and online business
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    If you issue a DMCA to their host, it will be removed, usually within 48hrs. That's what I would do.

    Here's the instructions on the DMCA and finding out who their host is
    What You Can Do About “Paypal Dispute Ripoff Artists” | Domaining Diva
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  • If you do not like your content to be posted on these sites have them removed by directly contacting the web owner. But like most of the comments here said, you really do not have to bother much about it since this is just a case of content syndication.

    I guess it is safer to post your articles to high quality blog sites, submit them as guest post. This will somehow lessen duplicate content.
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