Here's how to make the most of your thank you page

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Leveraging on your thank you page

The wrong thing to do: "Ok thank you, I appreciate you, bye bye!" -end of thank you page-

What you should do:

1) Use the opportunity to get more followers.

Put in your social media icons on your thank you page for people to follow you!

Another thing that you can do is to personally get your new subscribers to email/ send a message to a potential friend to get them to sign up. If you don't ask, you'll never get! Recommending someone to your business will not be the top thing on your subscriber's minds. Put it out there for them.

2) Use the opportunity to make some money.

Present them with an (appropriate and good) affiliate offer, or one of your own products (Fondly called the One-Time-Offer for internet marketers)

3) Set expectations for your newsletter

In marketing, when a customer's experience > his expectations, you get a satisfied customer. If a customer's experience < his expectations, you get a dissatisfied customer.

It's a pretty no-brainer to frame things like what you'll be sending, why you're sending them, how and your style of emails and what makes your newsletter different from others. For instance, if you're sending offers, you can make a personal promise that you'll review all products/ get a discounted rate etc.

Do this right and you'll have subscribers loving and opening each and every email you send.

Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for sharing.

    I'd say choose social media icons or one time offer - never both.

    Don't over complicate. Don't have too many distractions.

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    i done a small test of around 60 sing ups ounce, 30 of 2 different pages. one with a straight thanks and then to an OTO, then another to an offer but with a thanks and 3-4 sentences.

    Converted 2 sales with the second and none with the first.

    Gotta get your pages right !

    Thanks for the share.
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    These are some good tips!

    I like to structure my thank you pages in a step by step way, that will increase the chance that people take action. something like:

    -> Step 1: Check out this amazing offer
    -> Step 2: Check out this great unannounced bonus (link to swap partner)
    -> Step 3: Download your free report

    This gives me the best results.
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    I'd like to add put your OTO as a banner and not text links. Text links work too, but banners work better for me.
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    Also offer a secondary optin for customer care followups. Works grand for list segmenting.
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    Thanks for sharing, Raelyn!
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    Better yet, on the thank you pg direct them back to their inbox for the download they requested - train your list from the very beginning to find and open your emails!! Use the thank you page to explain what kind of content they'll receive from your emails (short and sweet, 2 or 3 sentences), then a link to a bonus offer (clickbank/adswap partner, affiliate offer, etc - just make sure it ties into your niche obviously).

    Use your thank you pg as your chance to get them to know, like and trust you!

    This works on single optin too (I only use single optin). Open rates will be higher (at least for your welcome email msg), if you DON'T have the download link on the thank you page. Just make sure they know its waiting for them in their inbox....

    Test it out for yourself!
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