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Hey guys,

I have a cash-back site with 2000 active members. Thing is, I want to use amazon programme for the same and I need to track member-wise sales on Amazon platform.

Suppose there is a member - AUG022014a registered at my site.

Then the typical landing page for that user on Amazon would be:

Now the thing is - I don't know from where to get ASCSUBTAG parameter from amazon dashboard. I tried searching via Google as well but couldn't get a concrete answer.

Can anyone help me out with this? I want to be able to track member-wise sales for my cash-back site and the same should reflect in my amazon dashboard. Another question - Once it gets implemented, where on the dashboard will I be able to see this data? I would love to export it on a daily basis and upload it to my site so that members can see their respective transactions.

I tried searching a lot here but if this is not the right section, then kindly move it to the correct one. Looking forward to your replies.
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    This is a very old thread, but this a big mystery for a lot of people so I will answer now. This feature is by invitation only. Getting to know about this feature depends on your personal relationship with Amazon Associates.
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