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I mentioned previously there is a place I often eat that has a bunch of internet marketers/home based business owners frequently talking about interesting topics.

Today they were discussing Global Domains International. It brought up some questions I have about them. I have no pre-determined like or dislike for the product or company.

Here we go. When the owners got exclusive rights to the the dot WS wouldn't it make more sense from a marketing point of view to offer those getting into the business a dot com and dot net since they are more recognized?

Secondly please since their program is based around the consumer purchasing a web hosting plan, wouldn't it make a lot of people (even if it were dot com or dot net) think twice if they already have a site or don't want one? Why not give the customer that has a site or doesn't want one something tangible to make the business opportunity more palatable such as software, well written articles, E-Books, etc?

Thanks for the explanation and enjoy the weekend!
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    Craig, The reason they offer a free .ws domain is because they actually have a agreement to sell the .ws domains for the country, so it costs them virtually nothing to give it away.

    thankfully GDI does not offer more of a bonus to there base hosting/domain product that is where other entrepreneurs can get involved and make something out of it..look up Tissa Godavitarne.. Ranking #1 in the GDI leaderboard for weeks at a time with his system.

    Have patience! In time, even grass becomes milk.~ Charan Singh

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