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Hi, if I have one product to promote with my email list. Is correct to send one more time the same email with product that I promote?

Example 1 time a month? Or is "correct" to send only one time?
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    Email marketing threads live here: Email Marketing

    I don't think I know anyone who would send a specific affiliate-link only once.

    What matters is the context within which you're sending it, what else you're sending, what your subscribers' expectations are, and what your continuity-process is:

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    There are various ways to do this. If you send more than one email promoting the same product it should be a different email with different content.
    Generally it is suggested to send emails that are providing value and useful content to the readers on your list. Do not just send promo emails - you will lose readers this way as no whats just ads sent to them.
    I would suggest using the search function on this forum to search for information about this and any other topics related to internet marketing.
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    There's no specific, "correct" number of times to send a promo e-mail. But you definitely need to send more than one to get sales.

    E-mail marketing is all about sequences: that is, sending a series of e-mails promoting your product/service. The Direct Marketing Association did a study some time back and found that people buy AFTER seeing your offer 7-9 times. 7-9 times! We're so inundated with info and advertising, that we'll rarely buy after seeing an offer just once.

    If you're sending an offer just once, you're losing the majority of your sales. And if you're sending an e-mail once a month, you're WAY behind the curve since your competitors are getting in your audience's inbox weekly and daily. You can't compete if you're sending an e-mail just once a month.

    Also, adding a deadline to your offer can boost your response up to 400%! As Dan Kennedy points out in his book "No BS Sales Success", we all want what we can't have. So inject some "takeaway selling." Let your audience know this offer isn't going to be available indefinitely. Put a hard deadline on it and stick to it.

    There's lots of cool software out there which can help you add deadlines and timers to your offers. Learn how to write e-mail sequences. If you need help, look for tutorials on it.

    Hope that helps!

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