Need a plugin that hides referrer traffic

by ash23
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Anyone know of any working plugins that hides refererr traffic and cloaks my links at the same time?
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    Not a plugin, but a PHP based application that you install on your server/domain this enables you to use your domain as the re-direct link using any kind of anchor text you like - tracks clicks, cloaks links, you can do alot with it-it is about 12 bucks but a solid product. Let me know if you are interested. You can also use a plugin called 'Prettylinks' but the free version is limited and does not cloak-

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    But does it hide traffic and I need something that I can easily use I'm not a programmer
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    It's more like this if I am getting traffic from craigslist I don't want others to know my traffic comes from there
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    I mean like google picking up my referral traffic
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    Just use a simple redirect. Go and download the prettylinks plugin from Wordpress. Buy a cheap domain, install the plugin on that domain, and you can now use that domain in all your ads and promotions. That is the only referral link people would be able to see. They can only see which site referred people to their site and that would be your redirect url.
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