I'll be writing my ebook now! is my project plan enough?

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Hi y'all

I've got enough spirit and resources now to write my first ebook. I've found my niche already though it's quite competitive. But still I will now write my first ebook. Please look at my checklist and see if it is enough before I start due diligence. Also it will be nice if you will bless this project. ohh Im so naive :-)

Product Preparation

Write a clear concise statement of the Niche and its title.

Create an initial contents table

Write the articles in the contents table - make sure I repeat some keywords for SEO strength. Add pictures when possible and when needed.
Articles should be precise. If it talks about a site it should discuss it step by step. It can be short or long but it must be exact.

Prepare an ecover using photoshop or other graphics program

Prepare an initial draft, then do proof-reading

Product Backbone

Create a minisite

about 5 to 10 pages HTML

Attractive and proffessional header and footer graphics

The main page should be the sales copy for the ebook

Should contain some of the articles in the ebook, like teasers and
also some articles related to the ebook.

Include a button that can give away smaller reports for free and capture emails for list building.

Add a paypal button for payment / add a download link button for ebook delivery.

Put in adsense to monetize traffic.

Post url link to warrior forum to get straight feedback :-)

Improve and launch website.

Product Marketing

Submit about 20 free articles to ezinearticles with link to my website.

make a burst bookmark activity using socialmarker.com

make an initial offer - WSO may serve this.

and also do affiliate marketing - I tried applying to clickbank it failed
since there's no Philippines in the country of origin for the address. (if applying as an affiliate)

To focus my attention I will not look for other systems of making cash starting today and instead think of this project and only this. Until its completion. That is I am able to check this list one by one.

I intend to implement this project now. So am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance..
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