Is there interest in a new IMG Magazine (white label internet marketing print magazine)?

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There used to be a very successful PLR magazine called IMG by Gary and Wendy.

Original offer here:

Original website here: IMG/Back dl - PLRContent4u - home of the IMG Magazine

Is anyone still interested in this? I'm looking into developing something similar but want to know if there will be buyers first.

How much are you willing to pay p/m for the service?

Please also list what you liked about the magazine/service.
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    Hi mate,

    Can you please PM me as I need to share some info

    I would be definitely interested and what was interesting in the original IMG magazine was the various offline lead gen resources apart from the PLR magazine which carried the most current information on the IM scenario. The start price where most of the people signed up was $7. If the proposed magazine is of equally good a quality and carries all the additional offline marketing resources then I'm in at $12 also. Hope Gary and Wendy are listening to this as well !
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      I am in DESPERATE need of a monthly PLR magazine (IM and offline) for my business.

      Does Leigh Burke do this anymore? I subscribed and got his Real Estate mag back in January, but it's all very quiet in this space at the moment.

      Seriously man, if it was as good quality as the ones you mentioned, I'd pay upwards of $15 per month easily.
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    I'm interested in this magazine product. Is it available for purchase?
    Website was
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      I'd also be interested.
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        So what happened to the original business? Does anyone know? It seemed like it was going great for about 18 mos. then the site was abandoned, no one could contact support, and a lot of people didn't get what they paid for.

        The reason I ask . . . on behalf of the OP . . . was there something flawed or not right with this business idea or model? Was the product priced to low? Were folks unsubscribing for a particular reason? Was it too much work for the return?

        Let's hear from someone who knows what happened. To me, that would be the biggest insight that would help the OP.


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          Thread is from August and September is last time OP was logged in.
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