Will More Links Make You Money

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Hi everyone

A question, Will more links get you more traffic

and sales, if so which are the best links to have?
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    If you are talking about quality link, then the answer is yes. More quality link will bring you more traffic. The easy way to get link is submit your article to social bookmarking, ensure your article is unique and quality.

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      My answer to this it test

      people can tell you to do this and that forever

      you never know, test it and find out for yourself

      I just finished a consulting session we went over the linking this person was doing and notice one method of linking has gone dead

      all of a sudden a big AHA moment came over this person, the phone was silent

      after getting them back on the phone the comment was I can't believe all the work I have been putting into this linking is not even showing in Google

      So, my opinion is to track your visitors after doing some linking

      in this forum just about every kind of linking or traffic generation has been mentioned put them into action then test

      once you find what is working for you exploit test some more tweak

      so in a nutshell no one can tell you what will work for other than their experience

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        More links does not mean more traffic, unless you do it correctly.

        1st) Make sure the webpages you are linking to have keyword phrases in them that you are trying to get ranked for...usually including the phrase in the title, header, and once throughout the body of the article is more than sufficient.

        2nd) Find related blogs/forums/sites to your niche and start to get links to your website (both homepage and inner pages)...BUT! MAKE SURE YOU USE ANCHOR TEXT!!!

        Example...if I wanted to be ranked for 'top money making techniques' then I would want links pointing back to my website using that phrase...just getting domain links such as http://www.yoursite.com helps, but isn't nearly as effective...much better to get 'top money making techniques', 'money making techniques', and 'top money techniques' anchor text links. Make sure you don't just use one anchor text phrase because you'll set off Google's alarms...you need to make this look natural, so don't get 20 links at once...instead, get 5/day over 4 days...

        3rd) Once your link is where you placed it you want Google/Yahoo/other search engines to find and cashe that link so you get credit...I do this by using ping-o-matic and/or onlywire.com so that search engines spider the page where I posted my link

        4th) Lastly, link building is a constant effort...you really have to have a system of getting at least a link per day...you can do this manually, outsource it, or use a service like LinkVana (which is freakin' awesome), but either way you must get constant links and obtain only a few each day...getting 15 backlinks in one day is less effective than getting 3/day over a 5 day period.

        Hope that helps

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          Also, the BEST links to have are from high PR websites that are in the same niche as you are. Comment Kahuna is a great free tool for finding these sites that allow dofollow links.

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