FB updates go to those who liked the page?

by kage65
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I've been confused about this for awhile. If someone likes my page, and I make an update, are they going to get the update or aren't they?

On Tim Ferris' blog he just mentioned only 10% of people who liked his page will get his status updates....
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    If i liked a page and he posted something on his page it will show on my newsfeed.
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    Sometimes it shows up in their newsfeed, sometimes it doesn't. The more engaged people are with your posts, the more likely it becomes they'll see your posts in their newsfeeds.

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    It may or may not show on your Newsfeed.

    FB has some internal algorithm by which they show certain posts to your news feed.

    to understand this, for example, you might have liked 100 pages, but you cant always see all the feeds from 100 pages, it would destroy your time line..
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